Political detainee Qaher Abu Kamal transferred to hospital in Ramallah

[ PIC 29/06/2013 – 02:29 PM ]


WEST BANK, (PIC)– Palestinian intelligence service in Ramallah on Friday morning transferred political prisoner Qaher Abu Kamal to the hospital after his health deteriorated as a result of his ongoing hunger strike.

Qaher Abu Kamal, from the town of Dar Salah east of Bethlehem, has been on hunger strike since his arrest 8 days ago, in protest at his illegal detention. He is a liberated prisoner who served 4 years in occupation jails.

Abu Kamal’s family pointed out that his health condition has deteriorated in PA’s prison, and that he is determined to continue his hunger strike until his release.

Elements of PA’s intelligence service arrested Abu Kamal last Saturday on charges of activity in the Islamic bloc at Birzeit University

The Authority’s security court on Tuesday extended the detention of Qaher Abu Kamal for 15 days due to his political activity in the Islamic bloc.

The captive’s father appealed to all human rights organizations to intervene for the release of his son and to stop his suffering especially after the deterioration of his health condition.

Meanwhile, PA security apparatuses in the West Bank arrested during the past two days three Hamas affiliates.

In Tulkarem, the Preventive Security Service (PSS) arrested a liberated prisoner and former political detainee, and extended his detention for 15 days pending investigation.

Sources from the Polytechnic University in al-Khalil Governorate confirmed that the PPS also continued to detain the liberated prisoner Mowaffaq Abu Hamdiya, aged 24, who had served 10 months in Israeli jails.

Another young man was arrested in al-Khalil by the PA’s apparatuses, after being summoned for interrogation.

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Report: Published by Adalah, Physicians for Human Rights-Israel and Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights | June 26, 2012

“On Torture” is an edited volume of essays by Palestinian, Israeli and international legal and medical experts and practitioners based on presentations that they gave during a workshop held in Jerusalem in April 2011 entitled, “Securing Accountability for Torture and Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment (CIDT) in Israel: New Trends and Comparative Lessons”.

The essayists explore the history of torture in Israel, the daily challenges that practitioners face in seeking accountability for torture and CIDT in Israel, and the changing face of torture.


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