PALESTINE NEWS | June 30, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
June 30,  2013 | 24224 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2210 days
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Today’s News

Injuries Reported In Traffic Accident Between Palestinian PM Convoy, Settlers

One million Palestinians are “living on aid” as calls to end the siege increase

New Emir pledges Qatar’s support for Palestinians

Israeli forces detain more than 100 Palestinian labourers

Israeli journalists condemn army violence against Palestinian colleagues

Netanyahu “has no control” over Likud

UNRWA announces highest ever budget deficit

Abbas ready to drop preconditions for talks despite claims to the contrary

While the ummah awaits for Aqsa to collaps:
Sixty Israeli soldiers enter Al-Aqsa Mosque

Israel is privatizing propaganda. By Adri Nieuwhof (@steketeh)

For who missed it:  Israeli Organ trafficking ring in Costa Rica

“Zionism’s Exploitation Business”: Israel collects $11 million a year from occupied Palestinians in identity card fees

Palestinians suffer restrictions at Rafah border ahead of Egypt’s protests 

Anniversary of Aqsa Mosque Arson Highlighted

IOF install spy cameras in the Aqsa Mosque

Zionist Forces Abductions Update: IOF arrests 13 Palestinians in West Bank and Jerusalem

Haniyeh: Resettlement Categorically Rejected

PHOTO by Eman Mohammed | Gaza

Maximum Land with Minimum Palestinians: The Annexation of Area C

Netanyahu vows to put any settlement agreement to referendum

Maariv: Israel to approve 930 units in Abu Ghuneim Mount settlement (SETTLING: Still a WARCRIME BY LAW)

Israel’s terrorism on Human Rights: Female captives held under catastrophic conditions

Jordanians rally to pressure their gov’t to ban Israeli imports

New on +972: Settlers assault Yesh Din personnel near West Bank outpost 

IPS in Megiddo prison seizes prisoner’s artwork and drawings

While #US deprives it’s own people of social security:
Washington supplies Israeli army with advanced cargo plane

Hunger striker Saidi stops drinking water

Jewish vigilante gangs patrol TelAviv, attacking black Africans & their white friends

Israel detains 4, including 3 minors, from Hebron village

Hamas warns PA and Fatah of engaging in useless talks with Israel

One woman unconsious, possibly due to tear gas. Soldiers now climbing on palestinian homes roofs

Palestinians dubious of Kerry’s “real progress” in peace plan

Palestinian man sets himself on fire in front of PA finance ministry

More soldiers arriving at khalil neighborhood near ibrahimi mosque

Erekat says no breakthrough as Kerry hails ‘real progress’

Bird keeps Palestine name despite campaign

VIDEO | Israeli forces demolish Palestinians homes in Jordan Valley

Israel to expand settlement as Kerry pushes for talks

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Majority of Rafah tunnels closed

Full List of 201 documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations

21 year old Wissam Bilal Khalil Marouf sets himself on fire outside PA ministry

Daily zionist abductions update: Nine Palestinians kidnapped at dawn and last night in West Bank

More Israeli colonial terrorism: Settlers torch olive trees near Nablus

Israel in Preparation for another War with Hezbollah

The terror attacks MSM refuses to cover:
Over 1600 attacks by colonist settlers since dec 2010
#Israel #Palestine

Israel holds Gaza Palestinian who vanished in Egypt

Human rights center: Israel exploiting prisoners as bargaining chips

PFLP (@PFLP_ps): Kerry’s shuttle tour to cover up for occupation’s policies

EU slams Gaza over executions

In 5 years Israel killed 825 people (as per dec 2011) SOLELY BY EXTRAJUDICIAL EXECUTIONS

My Palestinian identity: when memory and reality meet – The Electronic Intifada (blog)

The water is running out in Gaza: Humanitarian catastrophe looms as territory’s only aquifer fails

| Healthcare 
| Electricity: …
| Water: …

Nariman Tamimi & fellow activist arrested in Nabi Saleh still waiting for hearing at #ofer military court

South Africa has always stood against Israeli apartheid. Free Palestine

Zionist lobby lies about Palestine solidarity activists “joining forces” with far right ~ by

Palestine Monetary Authority launches results of June PMABCI – AME Info (press release)

Clashes in Qabatiya

Israel deploys Iron Dome missile system near Haifa

Israel to transfer schools from Wadi Ni’am village

Israel arrests five minors in Jerusalem

3 minors among detained in Hebron village

Mohammad Assaf to hold 3 free concerts in West Bank

Hamas says talks with Israel futile

Israel to expand settlement as Kerry pushes for talks

Reflections on human rights: An interview with ACRI’s Hagai El-Ad

Mizan: A feverish Knesset race to pass racist laws against Palestinians

Family makes public appeal after man goes missing

Israel shows no signs of yielding to Palestinians

| Israel
| Not looking for Peace
| Nor Talks
| But This:
| The NO-STATE-SOLUTION for Palestine

Hamas: Kerry’s negotiations will not bring anything new

Racist ‘Kahane was right’ app now available on Google play

Making asylum-seekers choose between incarcerations or leaving Israel doesn’t allow expression of free will.

Al Qassam mourns the death of Anas Haniyeh

Activestills photographer, Anne Paq, is featured on Paris Match Magazine with her reportage on Gaza’s artists, see…

Alan Dershowitz and Norman Finkelstein: comrades at heart? | Steven Salaita takes a look at the record

IOF arrests two Palestinians South of Gaza

Israel advices citizens against traveling to Egypt

Video: Gaza in Shadows – International Solidarity Movement (@ismpalestine)

Activist Sireen Khudiri Sawafteh detained and prosecuted by Israel for a Facebook page

Israel arrests five minors in Jerusalem

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