PFLP: Kerry’s shuttle tour to cover up for occupation’s policies

[ PIC 30/06/2013 – 11:43 AM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine charged Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu with pursuing a policy of “buying time” and legitimizing settlement activity.

It said in a statement on Sunday that US secretary of state John Kerry’s shuttle tours in the region turned into attempts to cover up the Israeli occupation’s policies and schemes.

The PFLP charged that Israel was carrying out its Zionist project and bisecting the Palestinian land and people in the process and abolishing the Palestinian people’s aspirations in liberation, independence, return, and self-determination.

The Front asked the Palestinian leadership to stop depending on the mirage of convincing the American administration with changing its biased stand in favor of Israel.

The PFLP opined that the Palestinian leadership was serving the American strategy in the region by its support of Kerry’s tours, charging Washington with planning to disintegrate the region, ignite wars, instigate internal strife, and abort the regional peoples’ aspirations in getting rid of Zio-American hegemony.

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