Israeli Occupation of Palestine: 2 martyrs, 230 arrests during June

[ PIC 02/07/2013 – 02:05 PM ]


NABLUS, (PIC)– The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) killed 2 martyrs and arrested more than 230 Palestinians during June throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Tadamum Foundation for Human Rights revealed.

Ahmad Bitawi, a researcher at the Foundation, confirmed that 2 Palestinians were martyred during June namely: Khaled Jamal Khryosh, 27, from Tulkarm refugee camp, who died on June 11 of wounds sustained in 2004, and Mohamed al-Azraq, 27, from Jabalya refugee camp in the Gaza strip of wounds sustained in 2010.

The Foundation documented more than 230 arrests throughout West Bank and the border area in the Gaza Strip including 40 children and 10 university students.

More than 70 arrests took place in al-Khalil, 45 Palestinians were arrested in Nablus, 35 arrests were documented in Jenin, while 10 Palestinians were arrested in Gaza, Bitawi explained.

Bitawi pointed out that some detainees were suffering various illnesses including Mohammed Walid Qawariq, from Nablus, whose right hand was amputated due to the explosion of a bomb and the mentally disabled prisoner Haron Ibrahim Abu Mohamed from Bethlehem.

The Foundation stated that among the detainees there were 15 liberated prisoners in addition to the MP Abdel Jaber Fuqaha.

Several arrests were carried out at Israeli military checkpoints erected throughout the West Bank cities and villages. Some other arrests were documented at the Karama border crossing between Jordan and occupied West Bank.

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