Mu’ataz Sharawneh ~ by Khalid Amayreh

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By Khalid Amayreh

Mu’ataz Sharawneh, 18, didn’t kill or injure any Israeli. He didn’t threaten to kill or injure any Israeli. And at no point, did he pose any threat or risk to Israelis, soldiers and civilians alike..

Yet, the Gestapo-like soldiers shot him in the head and prevented ambulances from transferring him to hospital.

According to eyewitnesses and relatives, he was run over by an Israeli armored vehicle, apparently to ascertain his death.

A relative said Sharawneh was on his way home from a wedding around 1.00 am when he saw Israel soldiers shoot on Palestinian boys, some of whom were hurling stones on the occupation vehicles. Dura is supposed to be under full Palestinian Authority control according to the Oslo accords. However Israel decided unilaterally to reoccupy all areas previously controlled, even symbolically, by the PA.

Kamel Hmeid, PA governor of Hebron , said that Sharawneh had only tried to hoist a Palestinian flag when he was shot and run over by an Israeli armored vehicle.

One eyewitness, Basel Nassar, said Israeli soldiers kicked and beat Sharawneh with the butt of their rifles after he fell to the ground.

Nasser said the soldiers kept him lying on the ground for almost 30 minutes before a local ambulance rushed him to hospital.

According to Dr.Walid Zalloum, director of the Hebron Government Hospital in al-Khalil, Sharawneh was hit with a single bullet, which penetrated his back and stayed in his chest.

The body, said Zalloum, also had signs of tires, indicating that Sharawneh had also been run over by a vehicle.

The Israeli occupation army has a notorious history of shooting and running over Palestinian victims of Israeli terror to make sure they are dead. This is known as “death verification technique.”

The Sharawneh family lives just one block from this writer’s home. His father Idris Sharawneh died 8 years ago which means the young boy spent much of his childhood an orphan.

The boy wanted to grow up and get a decent education in order to support his mother and siblings. Now, an indifferent Israeli bullet fired by indifferent hands put an end to his dreams…and life.

The manner in which the young man was killed demonstrates that Israel murders Palestinians with a shocking ease and indifference. But this is no news for the Palestinians, Israelis and the world. Murdering Palestinians, especially children, has always been a modus operandi and way of life for most Israelis.

The unjustified murder of Sharawneh is by no means an anomaly and didn’t occur by mistake. It represents the norm not the exception. Israel has always been a murderous state from Day one.

This writer, for example, lost all his three paternal uncles in 1953 to Israeli bullets. They were not “terrorists” or anything of this sort as some people who are influenced by Israeli propaganda might think. They were simple shepherds who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

So far, and despite the passage of more than 60 years, we haven’t received a mea culpa from the Israeli state. No apology, no acknowledgment, no admission of guilt, no compensation, nothing.

This is while Jewish and Zionist circles continue to demand reparations and compensations from Europeans for alleged crimes against Jews dating back to the 19th and 18th centuries.

I am not against the pursuit of justice, even belatedly. However, when a Jew is allowed to seek redress whereas an Arab is denied the same right, then we are not talking about the establishment of justice, but rather the establishment of injustice and racism. It is sad that most Jews and Israelis pay no attention to the plights and grievances of their victims.

Back to the Sharawneh. Israel never loses an opportunity without asserting her claims of desiring peace with its neighbors, particularly the Palestinians.
However, one would have to be totally idiotic to believe these claims. In the final analysis, a state that orders it soldiers to shoot children and young boys who pose no real risk to soldiers inside armored military vehicles in the head and chest is a criminal state par excellence. This is the very least that can be said in this regard.

Unfortunately, the Palestinians are a helpless people who lack the means to defend and protect themselves.

This is why the world at large has a moral obligation to protect Palestinian children in particular and Palestinians in general from Israel’s bullets and death machine.

Failing to do so would transform our world into a real jungle where the strong devours the weak.

Is this the kind of world the international community wants to see happen?



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