PALESTINE NEWS | July 2, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
July 2,  2013 | 24226 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2213 days
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Today’s News

Israel “agrees” to “coordinated” Egypt troop movements in Sinai near border with Gaza – Minneapolis Star Tribune

Fuad Al-Khoffash, head of the Ahrar Center, stated that Abu Teir spent a total of 25 years in Israeli prisons

Seeing It For Myself: Injustice In The South Hebron Hills ~ by @rachel_Cohen_

Jordan blocks 254 news websites

671 Palestinian detainees from Hebron 

New in #Palestine: weekly meetings for the tax revenue begging ritual!
Israel and Palestine form economic committee

Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa’adat (@FreeAhmadSaadat) launches new website to support imprisoned Palestinian leader

Maria the Palestinian girl who has optic nerve cancer is asking for help check the link below AND donate for her

Israeli Report Claims Labeling Would Hurt Palestinian Economy 

Israel imposes new fuel restrictions on Gaza

Trials of Israel boycott activists in France met with big protests, international condemnation

Director of UNRWA Operations Turner: Gaza siege is illegal

Prosecutor: Gaza govt to carry out more executions

Israel has closed Gaza’s only commercial crossing five times since the end of February

Rana Nazzal recounts arrest experience, lives of women political prisoners in Israel

Not content with digging tunnels under Old Jerusalem, Israel plans a park on market roof

Israeli forces use explosive bullet to kill Palestinian youth

IOF arrests at dawn 11 citizens in the West Bank

‘@PressTV faces ban for truthfulness’

Israeli company to set up “market rooftop deck” for tourists in J’lem old city

Hammad: no place for ‘collaborators’ in Gaza

UK grants immunity for one IDF general; another stays at home

Martyr Sharawna shot with a dumdum by IOF before being run over

While UNIFIL was watching….
Israeli troops kidnap two shepherds in South Lebanon

Fascist Beitar football “fans” on their usual sports-activity: Attacking
cuz they don’t get a /\/\cDonalds

Israelis and Palestinians are pessimistic about peace, poll finds

Whitewashing Apartheid: Israel’s Dirty Water | Palestine Chronicle

Scandal in Nigeria over Israeli arms firm’s internet spying contract

Meet the ‘Committed Zionist’ Director of UK Lawyers of Israel ~ by @GarySpedding

تشييع جثمان الشهيد الشراونة بدورا

Israel destroys more Palestinian homes

Get arrested like a #Palestinian…
but nothing beats @MaathMusleh #LikeABoss

Abu Khudair faced death in a steel cage in the baking Negev desert says Rights group

#BREAKTRHOUGH! (Not really, No News)
PLO says peace with Netanyahu is impossible

| Israel
| Not looking for Peace
| Nor Talks
| But This:
| The NO-STATE-SOLUTION for Palestine

PA security arrest and summon 5 Hamas-affiliates | #DismantleThePA

Israeli Occupation of Palestine: 2 martyrs, 230 arrests during June

Daily Israeli Abductions Update: kidnap Birzeit student from Islamic bloc

Haneyya congratulates new Qatari Emir on the phone

Abbas: We are committed to peace

Ilan Pappé:Zionist goal from the very beginning was to have as much as Palestine as possible with as few Palestinians

Israeli forces arrest Palestinian lawmaker in Ramallah

Israeli bulldozers enter Gaza border area

Fatah fighters targeted in Nablus raid

Israel’s African refugees live in prison-like conditions

Israeli court approves the confiscation of Palestinian house

Jordan condemns Prawer-Begin Plan

Israeli occupation soldiers arrest Jerusalemite MP Abu Tir

Palestinian prisoner faints in court

While Israel shoots teenagers:
PA minister asks Assaf to cancel shows ‘in solidarity with Egypt’

Tzipi Livni joins “Israel apartheid” club

Owner: Hamas closes Gaza factory for imitating Israeli products

Bibi just wants The Meeting – photos, praise, then nothing

PA confirms no Kerry breakthrough on negotiations

IOF soldiers quell peaceful village march

PHOTOS: ‘Arab Idol’ winner Muhammad Assaf performs in Ramallah

Mohammad Rimawi, Hamza Othman, Muneer Miri, Ala’ Hammad: 62 days on hunger strike, protesting their denial of prison visits.

Israeli Terrorism Update: Israel admits to kidnapping Palestinian from Egypt

‘Sesame Street’ puppeteers launch campaign for E. Jerusalem theater

Palestinian novelist Sahar Khalifeh awarded Moroccan literary prize (Sarah Irving, The Electronic Intifada)

IN PHOTOS | South Hebron citizens are suffering water shortages ~ by @Wafa_ps

Dear #US watch where your Billions of tax are being wasted at:
Graduation at Negev airbase:
In Photos

This morning: 202nd Israeli violation of Truce
(MSM forgot to tell you)
Israeli bulldozers enter Gaza border area

Arab organization calls for int’l action to protect Jerusalem and Aqsa Mosque

Assafmania grips West Bank

Children of Palestine
A Story in Pictures

Clashes in Dura after man killed by Israeli forces

The Hollywood Jews who bowed to Nazi politics ~ at Jews for Justice for Palestinians

Israeli police nab second man over monastery attack

Israel Warcrime Update: Israel built 3, 341 settlement units last month

The names of Palestinians
Who died this year
Due to Israeli occupation 

Rezqa: Kerry’s ideas to revive settlement process not working

BBC News – Palestinian teenager in Hebron killed in army operation

The .@BBC calls assassinating after run over & shooting teen, obstructing medical aid an “army operation”


Hamas condemns reported UNRWA stoppage of aid to refugees

Israeli violations of international & humanitarian law (20 – 26 June 2013)

DFLP | Kerry and his dead-end

Soldiers Invade West Bank Districts, Break in & ransack homes and kidnap Palestinians

Israel Warcrime Update: Israeli plan to expand Mevo Huron settlement

Soldiers Invade Khan Younis

.@EU_Commission Provides €13M to E.Jerusalem Hospitals

And teenagers shot & obstructed med aid!

‘Israel forces kill Palestinian teenager’

Israeli settlers torch Palestinian fields in Burin

202nd Israeli violation of cease-fire: Israeli bulldozers enter Gaza border area

July 2, 2013 | Full List 202 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations

صباح الأرض والشهداء .. الإستعداد لإستقبال الشهيد معتز الشراونة .. #دورا #الخليل المحتلة


9 Israeli teens arrested over the gang rape of a 12 year old girl. Their defence? “She seduced us!”,7340,L-4399307,00.html

Israel’s new political face on Palestinian refugees: ‘we have been waiting… for more and more of them to die’

Forensics confirm Dura man shot by Israeli forces

Israeli Forces Run Over, Kill Palestinian in Hebron,-kill-palestinian-in-hebron

Hamdallah urges US to increase pressure on Israel

Palestinian Killed In Hebron

Israel admits to kidnapping Palestinian from Egypt

Pls Like FB pg 4 Wael Abu Rida, kidnapped by Mossad in Sinai & now in Shikma Prison w case under Israeli gag order:

Hamas condemns reported UNRWA stoppage of aid to refugees

Palestinian killed by Israeli forces in Dura

FACTS About Palestine
WHAT is done with #US aid

HOW it’s silenced

When Cars Become Weapons

19 Year old Palestinain student Muatazz Idreis Sharawnah killed by Israeli forces in Dura
Shaheed Muatazz Idreis Sharawnah | 19 years old. Killed by the Israeli Army | July 2, 2013

iRemember the martyrs of ‎#Palestine | الشهداء 

Updated due to martyrdom of Muatazz Idreis Sharawnah
Israeli apartheid “more sophisticated” than South Africa’s,says new book | @intifada’s @dvcronin reviews

Videogame: Zaytoun, the Little Syrian-Palestinian Refugee – Global Voices Online

Rezqa: Kerry’s ideas to revive settlement process not working

Al Nayzak Organization opens first Science and Technology House in Palestine – AME Info (press release)

Suspected war criminal Doron Almog cancels UK visit despite offer of immunity by UK Government

98 year old woman teargassed during military invasion of residential neighborhood in Khalil

Netanyahu refuses to halt settlements

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