PFLP: Kerry’s diplomatic tour is a cover for Netanyahu’s racism


FightBack!News | July 1, 2013

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following June 30 statement from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine:

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine said that Netanyahu’s policy of occupation, settlement and racism is based on attempting to buy time while pushing through new settlement construction and unleashing rampant settler terrorism, while relying on Palestinians and Arabs to serve as security guards for the occupation and settlers.

The PFLP said that US Secretary of State John Kerry’s “shuttle tour” is another means of covering up the policies and plans of the occupation and the implementation of the Zionist project on the ground, the dismemberment of the land and people and undermining of their national rights to freedom, independence, return and self-determination.

The Front demanded that the Palestinian leadership abandon any illusions that it will convince the US administration through appealing to it to change its support for the occupation. While the Palestinian people’s rights are guaranteed by international law, humanitarian law and United Nations resolutions, the US secretary of state is going about on rounds to recruit for reliance on negotiations and bilateral solutions with the US as a reference.

Participating in Kerry’s “shuttle tour” only serves US strategic and diplomatic efforts to shatter the region, ignite wars and suppress the aspirations of the people of the region in order to serve imperialism and Zionism. Rejecting Kerry’s efforts is necessary in order to break the shackles of dependency, tyranny and corruption and achieve freedom, social justice and human dignity.

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