PALESTINE NEWS | July 3, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
July 3,  2013 | 24227 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2214 days
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Today’s News

IPS refuses to conduct medical tests on Samer Issawi

Hamas blames arrest of activists in the West Bank on Kerry visit

Palestine gets its first seed fund, supported by MENA Apps and USAID

Palestine Today 07 03 2013 – International Middle East Media Center

IOF soldiers blast explosive device inside Gaza borders

Israeli Vehicles Penetrate into Lands of Khan Younis, South of Gaza – Palestine News Network

Israel Misleads the World Over the Killing of al-Dorrra

Index of Quantity of Industrial Production in Palestine Up, says Statistics Bureau – Palestine News Network,-says-statistics-bureau

Mu’ataz Sharawneh ~ by Khalid Amayreh

Activist Sireen Khudiri Sawafteh detained and prosecuted for a Facebook page

How ‘convenient” (orchestrated) by/for #Israel
Unrest in Egypt Casts Pall
On (DOA) Israel-Palestine Negotiations

Palestinians sue US groups over support for settler attacks 

The Month in Pictures: June 2013

District court sentences a young man from Shu’fat refugee camp for 30 months

Head of Israel lobby think tank @washinstitute warmly welcomes Egypt military coup, calls for US not to stop aid

Lying, pro-Apartheid Israel Obama visits post-Apartheid South Africa – yet Winnie Mandela condemns Apartheid Israel:

Zionist occupation forces kidnap 14 Palestinians in (Daily) West Bank campaign

Hamas ‘does not fear’ fall of Egypt leader

Clashes erupt in town of Abu Dis in Jerusalem

Gaza Suicides Rise As Living Conditions Deteriorate – Al-Monitor

Palestinian PM Visits Lebanon Wednesday, Meets Senior Officials

Abbas to pay 3-day visit to Beirut

District court sentences a young man from Shu’fat refugee camp for 30 months

Khudari demands the UN to intervene to end the Gaza siege

Gaza municipalities warn fuel shortage would cause real catastrophe

Transcript: Egypt’s army statement

Must See Video

Egypt boosts army presence on border with Gaza (with #israel’s blessing of course)

MADA Monitors Media Freedoms Violations in Palestine during June 2013

#July3: The Finale Can Be Anytime today ~ by @Zeinobia

Premier Haneyya meets with Red Cross chief Peter Maurer

Massive attendance at funeral of teen Moataz Sharawna slain by Israeli soldiers

Do not buy these products! Read #Tesco #Sainsbury

Israel arrests MP Abu Tair from his Ramallah home

Achieving Jewish dominion through spray-cans
by Jews for Justice for Palestinians

Quo vadis, Palestine?
As PLO prepares to get bogged down (again) in bogus …
At Intifada Palestine

As @aliciakeys heads to Tel Aviv, Israel keeps attacking Palestinian children’s families and livelihoods 

Unifying diaspora: Palestinian youth reassert their national identity

“Perfectly complying” to zionist shahawaat: PA forces arrest 4 Hamas-affiliates

Israeli occupation forces attack Islamic Foundation

Egypt must respect public demands: Iran

Bardawil: Fatah calls “cheap opportunism”

Surveying Palestinian identity in the homeland and diaspora

Mustafa Barghouti injured in Israeli attack via @PressTV

Who’s Afraid of Palestinian Puppet Theater?

More Colonial Terrorism: 20 dunums of land and 200 olive trees set on fire by settlers in Sarra

Peace would be M.A.D.

The Provocative IDF Soldiers You Really Need To See – The Sisterhood

Why the Western Media are Getting Egypt Wrong

UPDATED | Three arrests at Nabi Saleh demonstration against occupation ~ by @IsmPalestine

Confirmed by IMF: Israel tight restrictions choke Palestinian economy

Israeli settler terror update: Settlers remove an archaeological wall in the Ibrahimi Mosque

50 elements of the Israeli intelligence storm Al-Aqsa Mosque

UK grants judicial immunity to Israel army chief suspected of war crimes

Palestinian hunger striker Abdullah Barghouthi suffering serious health issues on 63rd day of strike:

Israeli, PA violations of media freedom in June

a Palestinian Journalist was injured by a sound bomb and another Palestinian activist arrested in clashes in…

#IOF Bastards Attacks Journalists Today Again And Again And Again …

While in midst of max imposed INSECURITY…
OSCE Grants Palestinian Membership Status

Alicia Keys (@aliciakeys) gig: Israel boycott push widens 

Israel denied me entry on the basis of my skin color and religion

Jerusalemites rally in support of Jordanian prisoners

14 Palestinians across the West Bank – including minors – seized by Israeli occupation forces last night:

Israeli #beitar football fans WORKING ‘OUT’ their REAL SPORTACTIVITY: ATTACKING PALESTINIANS at a  McDonald’s (AGAIN)

While zionist squatters poison: sperive/ruin sewage, Israel worries about the GREEN LINE ENVIRONMENT

Daily Zionist Abductions Update: Four Palestinians Kidnapped In Hebron

When soldiers saw him coming with flag they drew their guns and shot him -Cold blooded murder of 19-year-old in Dura

Israeli Forces Raid Houses in Jenin

Some daleel to ponder about for the #Egypt pressers who soon will start to ‘talk’: “Any superior who (cont)

1 more reason to RETIRE!
Abbas Asserts Non-Interference in Arab Affairs

Oh really, explain me pls what’s the use of this?
Palestine(or PA?) Joins Org of Security and Cooperation in Europe

Utterly pathetic!!
French Jewish body tries to close down Palestinian ‘no home’ exhibition

Takfiris aim to divide Muslims: #Nasrallah

Israel Arrests 3 Palestinians on Claims They involved in Shooting, Wounding Israeli,-wounding-israeli

Gov’t: Kerry’s regional tours are a waste of time

Witnesses: Israeli military vehicles enter Gaza border area

TONIGHT at 7pm: lan Pappe lecture, “Displacing Palestine” in #Bethlehem. Join us w/

Netanyahu opens JNF classroom in illegal settlement ~ Ben White (@benabyad)

203rd Israeli violation of Cease-Fire: Israeli Army Invade Khan Younis

Hamas slams Israel’s kidnapping of MP Mohamed Abu Teir as crime

“When the soldiers saw him coming with the flag they drew their guns and shot him” -Cold blooded murder of 19-year-old in Dura…

Hamas: Fighting resistance in West Bank aims to liquidate the cause

Palestinian photographer held incommunicado by Israelis ~ by @RSF_RWB

#GazaUnderAttack | July 3, 2013 | Full List of 203 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations

Reported by Safa: Limited incursion in Magahzi refugee camp

UNRWA director of operations in #Gaza Turner:
Gaza siege is illegal

Take action and Tell @AliciaKeys Don’t Be Fallin For Apartheid!
Cancel Israel!

Martyr Sharawna shot (with a dumdum)  by IOF before being run over

The Further Fictions and Half-Truths of Mossad Agent, Michael Burrows ~ by Richard Silverstein (@richards1052)

Time to Retire Abbas…
Abbas ‘optimistic’ over Kerry’s peace efforts

When will u stop ‘pay’ (tax) price 4 zionist induced turmoil?
UN calls for aid to Lebanon over refugees

PCHR slams immunity for Israel army chief on UK visit | Maan News Agency

Israel Finance Minister Meets Palestinian Counterpart
and agreed on weekly PA begging tax revenue sessions

Abbas: We are committed to peace

Soldiers Invade Ya’bod Near Jenin, Open Fire At Homes

Daily Zionist Terror Abudctions Update:
Thirteen Palestinians Kidnapped In West Bank

Army Invades Arbouna Village, Near Jenin, Breaks Into Homes, Searches Them

While #israel dismantles HERITAGE every SINGLE DAY:
€2.4MN Agreement Signed to Preserve Palestinian Cultural Heritage

THE MISSING PART OF “ISRAEL’s TOURISM BROCHURE” What really goes on in #Silwan #Jerusalem (PDF)

Ilan Pappé Interview: “Zionist goal from the very beginning was to have as much as Palestine as possible with …”

Israel’s secret uranium buy
What Bibi left out when he drew his bomb

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