Hamas: PA’s apparatuses kidnapped 77 citizens in June

[ PIC 04/07/2013 – 02:37 PM ]


According to a statistical report issued by Hamas movement, the PA security apparatuses assassinated a citizen hours after kidnapping him, and arrested 77 Hamas affiliates in the West Bank over the past month.

The Information Office of Hamas said in a report, which monitors violations of the PA security services in the West Bank, that PA’s apparatuses assassinated Haj Saadi al-Sakhl from the city of Nablus, hours after he was kidnapped.

It added that 77 supporters and leaders of Hamas; including 44 liberated prisoners and 18 university students, have been kidnapped during the last month by PA’s apparatuses.

Meanwhile, the security services have summoned 78 Hamas affiliates, and extended the detention of 15 others despite decisions to release them, the report monitored.

It also pointed out that the occupation forces arrested 4 leaders and supporters of the movement, who had been released from PA’s jails.

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