Israel Misleads the World Over the Killing of the Child Mohamed al-Dorra

Israel Misleads the World Over the Killing of al-Dorrra

ِAl Qassam Website | 04-07-2013,08:17

GAZA CITY (Agencies) — The Israeli allegations about the killing of Mohammed al-Dorra, some eleven years ago, strip the Israeli occupation naked, Fawzi Barhoum, the spokesperson for the Islamic Movement of Hamas, said, as the French court exposed the Israeli lies.

An Israeli governmental report doubted the tape that confirms the killing of the Palestinian child Mohammed al-Dorra at the hands of the Israeli soldiers, while he was embraced his father, trying to protect him. The French courts approved the tape, and denied the Israeli allegations that the tape is of no reality.

“The Israeli occupation tries to manipulate  facts and mislead the people around the world,” Barhoum said in a press conference. “Israel escapes its responsibilities, and covers its crimes and atrocities against the Palestinian people.”

Barhoum called on the Human rights organisations to investigate after the Israeli crimes against the Palestinians, and to bring the Israelis into justice.


Video of the Killing

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