VIDEO | Israeli forces increase attacks against Palestinians in West Bank ~ by @PressTV

PressTV | July 4, 2013

Israeli regime forces have intensified arrests of and attacks against the Palestinian people in the occupied West Bank, Press TV reports.

In their latest assault on Wednesday, Israeli soldiers killed Moataz Sharawna, a Palestinian youth, in the village of Dura near the West Bank city of al-Khalil (Hebron) after running over him with a military jeep.

Witnesses said the attack was intentional as Sharawna was taking part in an anti-Israel demonstration.

On July 1, Israeli forces also arrested Palestinian journalist and photographer Mohammad Waleed al-Azzeh after raiding his family’s house in Aida Refugee Camp, located north of the West Bank city of Bethlehem.

Al-Azzeh’s family told Press TV that more than 30 Israeli soldiers entered the place and took him away after violently beating him.

According to the journalist’s family, Azzeh was arrested for taking pictures of Israeli forces attacking Palestinian children near the refugee camp. His lawyer also said Azzeh would be transferred to the Ofer military prison.

In this regard, Monjed Jadou with Palestine News Network (PNN) told Press TV, “I think the media are playing a great role in showing and telling the world what is happening exactly in Palestine,” adding, “What happened to Mohammad shows that the Israelis are targeting journalists.”

The Israeli military regularly raids houses of Palestinians in the West Bank, arresting activists and civilians, mostly without any charges. Many Palestinians remain under detention in Israeli prisons, where they are given minimal access to their basic rights.

According to Israeli human rights group, B’Tselem, more than 4,700 Palestinian prisoners, including about 170 administrative detainees, are currently held in Israeli prisons.


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