Status of Dachau, Auschwitz, Majdanek: Closed | Status of Gaza: Endlösung in Progress

July 5, 2013 by occpal


Fuck MSM: Your silence is enabling ongoing genocide. Your fear for your editor in chief with a dirty agenda sustaining myths and lies every day buys time for those committing crimes in silence and your passive  ‘work’ results in more time to terminate more lives.

Fuck White Chair Journalists: Scrolling over news of crimes, dead people and even of slayed colleagues.

Fuck NGO’s:  Masturbating on paychecks yet neglecting mandates. Human rights are no ‘occupation’ to pay for your rent!

Fuck the UN: Sustaining a 65 year ongoing genocide and ignores the (war)crimes committed against humanity in Palestine.

Fuck Egypt’s corrupt mongers: For ‘completing’ the sealing off of 1,7 Million human beings and terminating the lifelines to Gaza under the pressure of zionists. Especially now a Knesset member has admitted the interference which lead to the sealing off of Gaza  bulldozers and blasts the remaining tunnels (aka lifelines) to smuggle and indefinitely closed the border at Rafah leaving hundreds stranded on both sides and turning Gaza into a genuine open-air prison.

So Fuck Israel for the audacity to even admit  “en plein publique”, the meddling in Morsi’s rule (as it does in Syria, Golan, Lebanon etc etc)…:

Several Israeli analysts noted that Israeli authorities have been working to undermine the reign of the Egyptian freely elected President Mohamed Morsi. – (Read more at:

Fuck Collaborators: Including the “PA ‘elements'”who rather praise and are in joy about an economical collaboration with the occupier over weekly tax revenue-begging-sessions than to fight back for the other half of Palestine which is being deprived of every other aspect of basic rights! Now Abbas even rejects armed resistance the level of insanity and insults has reached unknown heights as he stated “I will not utter the words armed resistance” and “promotes” non violent resistance. Maybe Abbas forgot about the slaughter of Mustafa Tamimi?  How Israel even attacked the funeral of a non-violent protester? And how Israel, even attacks full crowds of press and photographers to suppress any coverage of indiscriminate violence against non-violent resistance?

Fuck Hasbara and it’s rats: You who are prostituting their conscience – even for money–  an telltale lies are increasingly futile and truth will catch up with you!

Fuck all who incite to Sectarianism: For you are only fueling the engine of hatred designed and carefully orchestrated to justify the new “Jud Süß” attempt on Muslims this time.  Fuck racists and xenophobes who forgot the ability of seeing with the eye, feeling with the heart and became numb for the suffering of a fellow human being unregarded of which color, ethnicity or religion. You are doing a ‘great job’ in keeping the motor of hatred and violence going. While Gaza by the way is deprived of any fuel and your drive to actions for a real change.

Fuck the one who invented the word ‘Islamist’ and everyone repeating it until normalization. For it has nothing to do with Islam. This is Islam! I may remind you hate mongers that ‘Israel’ even mistreats it’s own men of knowledge like Palestinians. And if 40.000 Jewish rabbis hit the street in downtown Manhattan they’re silenced by media as well.

And even Fuck all Arab/Muslim entities, governments and individuals who do not live up to their Fard al ‘Ayn to stand up for those living under oppression, but solely comply with the zionist shahawaat to fulfill the zionist goal of a greater Israel. Buying yourselves peace of soul by donating sadaqa to build another hospital depleted of supplies and medications, building another school which will be bombed, or donating your wallet empty to numerous causes does not change the situation. Does not end the suffering. It merely extends it.

Zionist version of Never Again = All the Time and Over Again!

Arabs to the gas chambers 2Auschwitz concentration camp, Dachau, Sachsenhausen, and Majdanek are not operational. Turned into ‘museums’ In which hundreds of thousands of people yearly, pay a visit. Come and leave in nausea. Over 6 decades after the extermination camps were shut down. But no tear, no worries, no word, no action about an extermination camp containing 1.7 Million people which is fully operational even today July 5, 2013:  Gaza. You might have missed the leaflet.

Every single year during Holocaust memorials, survivors and the slayed are being commemorated and media does not know how to end their lengthy essays  – over and over again – about the catastrophic extermination of Jews. (And sometimes Roma’s, POW’s, Resistance, Russians and so on and so on) yet emphasizing the Jewish suffering as a Carte Blanche for the propaganda which is used by Israel for a 2013 style Nazi Gleichschaltung – process.

Thank Allaah/G-d/God the victims of WWII do not have to witness how those once being a victim of such genocide which is taking place with world’s consent and silence, now is being performed by those who abuse the plight of those who died in gas chambers or by deprivation, fighting,  for their lives and families, against an ideological dominion. Thank Allaah/G-d/God have to see some of their sick or ignorant offspring has become: the director and gatekeeper of a new extermination-camp: Occupier, complicit or sustaining factor. All are equal guilty.

The victims of WWII did not sacrifice their lives to repeat the same crimes in Gaza in 2013

“Never Again”. Not Valid for Gaza

Nazi tool of 'Gleichschaltung': Der Stuermer

Nazi tool of ‘Gleichschaltung’: Der Stuermer

But when it comes to Gaza, the whole of main stream media silences as death itself. White chair journalists, ignoring the news which is being shouted out by the ‘inmates’ of world’s largest concentration camp Gaza over the internet. Even ignoring the photos of dead colleagues in the photo databases. Hell, their names even get removed from memorials commemorating dead -real journalists- which lost their lives while covering war and conflict. Go be ashamed of yourselves!

For the shattering silence especially of mainstream media is the very cause the extermination practices in Gaza can go on and on as the magnitude is widely unknown , ignored and whenever a courageous editor dares to cover: Censored at behest of the zionist entity and it’s lobby.

If activists get too loudly or their message carries to widely around: Content Control (including yours truly, so no I feel not objected to write fuck for it won’t be visible in your search engine anyway)

And if someone inside Gaza resists, which is an absolute right according to international law:  Terminated.

Extrajudicial executed. Without trial.

As well as those who did not even resist. The ones solely breathing into the illusion which only exists in media there is a ‘life’ in Gaza. Life reduced to breathing and where getting through the day, through power cuts, through deprivation of all kinds to the evening. Which is uncertain. Not knowing if there is a tomorrow to wake up in. Including children and babies, women and civilians who are just being targeted indiscriminately, directly, and indirectly by collective punishment.

Which is still a warcrime by law!

Israel kills babies

But mainstream media swamping your headlines with condemnations whenever a collaborator in Gaza has gotten his sentence. Did you forget oh world, that in any war, it are the collaborators enabling the oppressor to exterminate hundreds, thousand of people, if not more, and in every same war or conflict in history these ‘dangers’ were eliminated by putting them simply to a wall.

Which very idea is making you nauseous and outraged as I read my timelines.

Or shocked reactions when all of a sudden last week, mainstream media does cover the environmental disaster and risks of Gaza’s water-condition.

Dear mainstream media, where has your reporting been since 2005 when several NGO’s reported the (deadly) pollution and health hazards (including blue baby syndrome)? Its NOT really breaking news, although  it’s breaking up Gaza’s population and health for over 8 years now!

What happened to your state of mind when you ignore the daily aggression and murders (directly or indirectly by policies) when it concerns the 1.7 million people endangered by these collaborators and their dirty employers. And all to which 1.7 million are being exposed on daily basis.

Where is your outrage?

“Fragile Cease-Fire’s”

f16Where mainstream media only launches alleged ‘rockets‘ into media-sphere (even when real ones were not launched at all) everything is put to work to pump up the incitement to justify the next round of distraction: ANY PRETEXT TO ATTACK GAZA.

New York Times. Fuck you too with your reporting about fragile cease-fire: Israel violated the November 2012 ceasefire 204 times

204 times!

5 People were killed and dozens wounded


Gaza Farmer, shot by Israel. Photo by Rosa Schiano.

By drones and F16’s in the air, by naval vessels on the sea, from the sea, by land with tanks, artillery, snipers attacking whatever moves around even when it concerns farmers harvesting their crops: like it’s a freaking target-game or practice. And fishermen: structurally under fire to prevent they catch whatever can feed Gaza. To do everything which is in the power of the occupier to ensure a Palestinian in Gaza does not provide in it’s needs. For this interferes with Operation Starve Gaza. (Also buried by media back in 2010)

All this – if covered at all-  is ‘just’ resulting in a ‘body-count’ Israel wants you to see whenever someone courageous enough to dare an article about it. People in Gaza are no numbers. No count. They are human beings. 1.7 Million of them.

The narrative displayed by media and lazy journalists who forgot about ANY ethics make everyone ignorant even blind for the real magnitude of the genocide on Palestine – in Gaza especially – by deprivation.

Causing ‘avoidable mortality‘ a.k.a. excess death. Deadlier than any weapon Israel’s arsenal can cause in the first place. Killing over 0,5 million infants since the occupation started. Without bullets or bombs. By policies about which you will not read in your newspaper. Policies, which are not shown on your TV-set.

The Endlösung: Closing the Life-Lines

Smuggling to survive deprivation. On the Left: “Warsaw during WWII” On the Right: “Gaza in 2012″

Smuggling to survive deprivation. On the Left: “Warsaw during WWII” On the Right: “Gaza in 2012″

110620-gaza-dialysisHow did you forget about the resistance and their smuggling in the ghettos? Smuggling to prevent excess death by the very same policies that are deployed on Palestinians for decades now, and in compliance with world’s ignorance and media silence, continue day in day out. Hospitals not only without medications, but also without power or the fuel to generate power. Did it ever occur to you that life sustaining equipment in Gaza might be shut down as well?

Cuts cost Lives!

Structurally Israel deprives Gaza of all means to basic human rights as:

  1. Healthcare 
  2. Electricity
  3. Water & Sanitation

images_News_2013_02_26_tunnels-0_300_0[1]And the sole way of  maintaining basic needs to Gaza, by smuggling – as the Jewish resistance did during WWII- has now been terminated as well as Egypt is increasingly and since yesterday with violence, is doing the dirty job for Israeli occupation by blasting all tunnels and closing the border. Egypt, infected by the mad Israeli wall-disease finalizing the zionist project without Israel making it’s hands dirty.

Great job ya Masr. You have become the tool of dominion for the violator and revolted your way up to become your own brother’s oppressor. I hope you all enjoy your iftar coming Ramadan and remember the hundreds of thousands hungry in Gaza.

Where brothers and sisters are wishing for new clothing for Eid as well, while lot’s will not get more than a kafan again for the clothing does not enter through he tunnels anymore and your border and bulldozers closed the gates for trade. While the bombs and shells travel freely through (even your own) airspace.

How long ya corrupt elements in Masr, will you be your brothers executioner?

trein_lijken98bf-b19c7How long  media, will you be the mouthpiece enabling this silenced genocide?

How long ya ummah, will you go in sujud for an occupier. Remember, Al-Quds used to be  the Qibla, It hasn’t become one because Israel tries to destroy every inch of it. Stop bowing!

How long dear reader, will you pass on and scroll over the news, which is shouted out by all in Gaza and beyond every day. You can’t keep ignoring the plight nor the facts. Not a single soul is able to say: “We didn’t know” . Like the Germans once living close to the extermination-camps which are functionally shut down but still a painful reminder for the past. To function as a museum. To remind all of us: It never has to happen again.

nichtgewusstWhen will you stand up to act Gaza will be a place again where people are able to live in dignity and being respected, granted human rights which ought to be valid for all human beings.

How long will you ignore the warcrimes, the collective punishment, the restrictions of movement of almost 2 million people, the denial of basic human rights and let the oppressor get away with this?

How long will you keep aiding this genocide with your tax, while seeing you complain about your own decaying social security and economical misery while 1.7 million people did not even enjoy those very things and your own sour earned money is paying to sustain the siege and forthcoming status quo?

Go see Gaza…

After you might have visited one of the Nazi camps, maybe it is time you break yourself free from the indoctrination of complicit mainstream media and visit Gaza. The largest open air prison of this world in which many of it’s people even were refugees before after being ethnic cleansed from their own towns in what is called “Israel’ now. Every red dot on this map is one of the towns, eradicated from the face of the earth. To now, be incarcerated in a suffocating siege from two sides.

If you can’t visit Gaza: Countless reliable sources are available through the internet:  Educate yourself about the facts. There is no reason in 2013 to stay ignorant, no reason to be indifferent for it could have been your child, your husband, your wife, parents or even yourself. yes you could have been one of the inhabitants of Gaza too.

Make a Choice, on which side of history you will be…

Talk to people in Gaza. And after that, make your own opinion in stead of blindly following what media dishes you on daily basis. Talk to people like Dima, my dear sister who this morning brought me in tears with the next tweet:

Forget for once what you have been lied too. What you have been taught or what you heard in media. And convince yourself about the inhumane plight of Gaza. Evaluate for yourselves if this is what you would wish for if this would be your child, sister or mother. And act accordingly.

To my dear sister Dima:

Do never give up. There are countless and more and more people shouting out loud daily. Sometimes to deaf men’s ears yet many open up as well. Every day we pray for your safety because there is no barrier nor a siege between the prayer of/for the oppressed and God. 

I dedicate my ‘fight’ to you and all your loved ones and the people of Gaza.

I will resist, like never before.

Kudos to all who came to reading this line. I won’t be silent. I expect you to break the silence too. For the sake of humanity.

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