Israeli settlers and soldiers attack Palestinians south of al-Khalil

[ PIC 06/07/2013 – 03:29 PM ]


AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Jewish settlers, accompanied by Israeli soldiers, attacked Palestinians, from the hamlet of Umm al-Khair, who tried to enter their lands, near the town of Yatta in al-Khalil.

Ratib al-Jabour, the coordinator of the popular and national committees against the wall and settlements in Yatta, told Quds Press that the attack took place when the members of Hadhalin family tried, with the support of foreign solidarity activists, to reach their land seized by settlers about two weeks ago.

Jabour said that the Israelis from the settlement of Carmiel, guarded by the occupation soldiers, attacked and suppressed the Palestinian citizens, causing some women and children to faint.

Three civilians, including two women, were also injured in the attack, while another citizen and two foreign solidarity activists were arrested by the occupation soldiers.

The settlers seized a piece of land with an area of 50 dunums and prevented its owners to enter it and prepared the place to perform Talmudic rituals on it.

Safa News Agency quoted Umm al-Khair resident Ibrahim Hadhalin as saying that clashes erupted between the citizens and Israeli settlers and soldiers when a number of shepherds tried to cross the seized land to reach their pastures.

The occupation authorities seek to displace dozens of Bedouin families inhabiting lands adjacent to Carmiel settlement and continue the construction of settlement units on the southern and western sides of the settlement.

Meanwhile, dozens of other extremist Jewish settlers attacked on Saturday afternoon shepherds and their families, south of Nablus, and damaged their properties.

Ghassan Daghlas, Palestinian official who monitors settlement activities in the north of the West Bank, said the settlers attacked the houses of the shepherds in Huwwara in the south of Nablus.

He added that the attackers damaged a tractor and smashed the windshield of a private car. They also tried to steal sheep from the Bedouins and destroyed plants and trees in the area.

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I emphasize, just some examples….
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Israel supplies weapons and training to illegal colonists in Palestine

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