PALESTINE NEWS | July 6 , 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
July 6,  2013 | 24230 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2217 days
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Today’s News

IOF quell non-violent West Bank marches against settlement and wall

Egyptian officials indefinitely close Rafah border crossing with Gaza – International Middle East Media Center

Egyptians continue to close Gaza’s only exit

Two politicians show the farce of Europe’s concern for Palestine ~ by Rana Baker

Madaa Center opens up the 8th Summer Camp

Two arrests in Nablus, Jenin

On Hamas, Fatah and the Squandered Years: When ‘Unity’ Loses Its Meaning

Israeli occupation forces quells sit-in in Yatta, arrests 3 citizens

Palestinian fisherman injured in an accident while escaping Israeli gunship attack ~ by @rosa_schiano

Israeli settlers and soldiers attack Palestinians south of al-Khalil

Israeli occupation blocks travel of 29 Palestinians via Karame crossing last week

Palestine through the eyes of its children – The Sunshine Coast Daily

Palestinians in Akka protest racist attacks against them

Egyptian authorities continue to close Rafah terminal for second day

When ‘buying time’ means one thing: More occupation

PFLP prison branch rejects demands that Mohammad Rimawi end hunger strike

“My mother says that being driven from Yarmouk [camp] is harder than the Nakba,” says refugee who fled Syria violence

Zionist incitement to new depths: Israeli media call for reproducing Egypt’s events in Gaza

Arab League seeks to justify “popular revolution” in Egypt: The Secretary-General of the Arab…

8-year-old dies in accident near Nablus

Jordanian prisoners on #PalHunger strike demand action as medical crisis deepens:

Pro-Israel Advocates Push for Continued Aid to Egypt 

Showing them who’s boss: How Palestinian villages become IDF training grounds-by Yossi Gurvitz (@ygurvitz)

Abu Fanoun: Deportation better that jail

Factions ask Egyptian authorities not to drag Gaza into their political disputes

Sa’adat’s comrade Mohammad Rimawi is on hunger strike with 4 other Jordanian prisoners for over 65 days:

Top 50 on Jadaliyya Jan-June 2013

Torture spikes in Gaza and West Bank jails

Prominent African Americans affirm ‘Jim Crow’ analogy in Israel’s treatment of Palestinians at

Warning of humanitarian catastrophe as Egypt tightens siege of Gaza (Ali Abunimah, The Electronic Intifada)

Demonizing #Iran threatens success of nuclear talks: article

OCHA: Israel still tightens the Gazans’ access to their land and sea waters

Kerry Calls for Release of 103 Palestinians to Restart Peace Talks

Police: Allenby Bridge to operate 24 hours Sunday

More Colinal Terrorism: Settlers attack Bedouin property near Nablus

Beit Arabiya rebuilt for the 6th time | ICAHD

In photos: Arab Idol Assaf thrills fans in Bethlehem ~ by @MaanNewsAgency

Settlers in provocative visit to Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood

Now you can send your greetings to Hassan Karajah via this email:
hkarajahfamily (at) We will send your…

WATCH: Israeli Army Attacking Palestinian Media near Biet Eil – July 3, 2013 | @RSF_RWB @pressfreedom

PA forces arrest and summon seven Hamas-affiliates

Übersettler Lieberman pays provocative visit to Wadi Hilwa neighborhood

Meet the ‘real men’ (*NOT*): Israeli soldiers attack peaceful rally, 2 women hurt

How ethnic cleansing works, the example from Wadi Kana. Heb translation to Eng.

‘We did not risk our lives simply to change the players’

A mother against injustice: the Issawi case – by Cristina Paterno
at @docjazzmusic’s Musical Intifada

Israeli PM Levi Eshkol agreed to have U.S. scientists visit Dimona to confirm Israeli nuke program was peaceful but Israelis prevented U.S. scientists fr visiting sensitive areas that would’ve true nature of program.

Meeting a Fellow Palestinian At a Government Event ~ by @KawtherSalam

Egyptian authorities continue to shut down the Rafah crossing for the second day. 100s of Gazans are stuck in both sides of border.

Don’t forget Gaza while Egypt roils – by Eva Bartlett

ICC assigns Gaza Flotilla case to Pre-Trial chamber – Kuwait News Agency

The comatose state: Why Israel needs a Tahrir Square

The bankrupt Ramallah regime ~ by Khalid Amayreh

Limbo Is a town in Palestine (Bill Corcoran, The Hill):

Prominent African Americans affirm ‘Jim Crow’ analogy in Israel’s treatment of Palestinians

Egyptian army general admits intelligence & security cooperation with Israel

1.7 Million People “living” in world’s largest concentrationcamp

Silenced by Media
While a world neglects to act

Egyptian officials indefinitely close Rafah border crossing with Gaza

Live Blog | The Genocide on Palestinian Refugees in Syria

2 Palestinian refugees killed in Syria clashes

SO YOU WON’T SAY: “WE DIDN’T KNOW” | ‘Tears of Gaza’ – The Full Movie |

Clashes in Jenin, settlers bulldoze lands in al-Khalil

#PalHunger Strikers #Israel Hopes you forget them Some are still fighting with last means Battle of the empty stomach

Israel is founded on myths and legends.” -Barry Chamish, a Zionist who keeps tenaciously pursuing truth.

Haniyeh: We are not worried about Egypt: GAZA – Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh confirmed that resistance is the…

Israel Denies #SamerIssawi Urgently Needed Medical Attention

Israeli envoy to Cairo for security coordination

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