Palestinians in Akka protest racist attacks against them

[ PIC 06/07/2013 – 06:06 PM ]


AKKA, (PIC)– Palestinians in coastal city of Akka north of 1948-occupied Palestine on Friday organized a demonstration to protest the escalation of racist attacks carried out by teams of the Israeli municipality and police against the city’s residents.

The last of these attacks was the detention of the Palestinian citizen Khaled Zakour without any justification, in addition to the ongoing use of violence and tear gas against women and children.

MK Hanin Zoabi, who participated in the demonstration, said the Israeli police “turns a blind eye to the murderers and gangsters who always escape without being arrested or prosecuted”, and held the Israeli police full responsibility for the acts of violence in the Arab milieu.

She added: “Until now, the police have not been able to arrest the killer of a young man from Akka who was murdered in front of the police station. Although we have been following-up the case with the Minister of Internal Security for more than a year, the killer has not been arrested yet.”

Ahmed Ouda, a member of Akka municipal team, said that Israeli municipal teams last week took part in more than four acts of violence against Arab citizens.

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