Israel arrested 170 Jerusalemite children since the start of the year

[ PIC 09/07/2013 – 09:14 PM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– A Palestinian human rights activist accused the occupation authorities of targeting Jerusalemite children as they have arrested since the beginning of the year 2013 more than 170 children.

Professor of International Law Dr. Hanna Issa said in a press statement on Tuesday: “The detention of children and the house arrest imposed on them represents the first Israeli plans to kill childhood.”

“The arrests of Jerusalemite children have turned the child who is looking for and defending his rights to a child completely deprived of his rights and homeland. The child starts to suffer from psychological problems, hair loss and psychological trauma caused by the circumstances of his arrest, amid his parents’ inability to protect him”, Issa explained.

He noted that the neighborhoods of Tur, Issawiyya, Silwan and the Old City have witnessed many cases of child arrests, noting that the arrests are always carried out at night by the special forces, which deliberately break into the child’s house in a brutal way.

Issa also pointed out that the Israeli forces expose the children to psychological and physical torture during the investigation in order to force them to confess to throwing stones.

He added that the occupation authorities impose house arrest for long periods on dozens of Palestinian children in the occupied Jerusalem, noting that this procedure puts the child and his family in a hard situation and deprives the child from going to school.


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