Kamal Khatib: “Israel” may have played a role in the military coup in Egypt

[ PIC 10/07/2013 – 03:09 PM ]


UMM FAHEM, (PIC)– The deputy head of the Islamic Movement in the 1948-Occupied Territories, Kamal al-Khatib, stated that Israel may have played a frole in the military coup in Egypt especially in light the Israeli satisfaction following the coup.

Al-Khatib pointed out to the Israeli leaders’ statements that welcomed the Egyptian army coup that ousted the first democratically elected president in Egypt’s history.

Under orders from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his cabinet is keeping tight-lipped over the ongoing chaos in neighboring Egypt, and has been instructed to not make any public comment while the Egyptian regime remains unstable.

AL-Khatib also pointed out to the Israeli envoy to Cairo for security coordination one day after the army coup as part of the Israeli plans to thwart the Arab spring revolutions.

Israeli officials privately believe the military coup in Egypt could prove beneficial to the Israeli entity, due to a loss of influence of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has close ties to Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Israeli media sources said.

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