Five Palestinians Injured By Israeli Fire In Nablus

Al Qassam Brigades Website | 11-07-2013,08:48

Nablus – [Wednesday at dawn July 10 2013] Palestinian medical sources have reported that five Palestinians were injured by Israeli military fire in the Al-Jneid area, west of the northern West Bank city of Nablus. One resident was kidnapped.

The soldiers invaded students dorm, in Al-Jneid area, searched it and kidnapped one student identified as Mahmoud Abdul-Halim At-Talahma, 20, from Bethlehem. At-Talahma studies at the An-Najah National University in Nablus.

Local sources have reported that clashes took place between local residents and the invaded soldiers.
The army fired several gas bombs, concussion grenades and rubber-coated metal bullets leading to five injuries.

The five wounded Palestinians have been identified as Ahmad Mohammad Abu Aisha, 20, (injured by rubber-coated bullets), Hassan Sabe’ Abu Ahmad, 21, (hit by a gas bomb), Mo’men Abdullah Ateeq, 20, (suffocated after inhaling gas), Dia’ Sweity, 20, (suffocated after inhaling gas), and Rashed Salah Manasra, 19, (suffocated after inhaling gas).

Furthermore, soldiers fired gas bombs at dorms inhabited by female students of a local college near Rafidia area, causing fire while one student received treatment after inhaling smoke resulting from the fire.

Eyewitnesses said that several Israeli military vehicles repeatedly drove around the new building of the An-Najah University in Rafidia, and near Tunis Street.

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