Shocking: Israel detains a 5 year old child – Video

hebron2July 11, 2013 ~ by occpal

Israel lowers its limits on daily basis. Previously 6 year old children were the youngest to be detained by world’s ‘most moral army’. Now a 5 year old child was detained as can be seen in the video below.

The youngest Palestinian child arrested by Israel (2011) was 6 years old. (Source). In 2012, the youngest child was also aged 6 years and interrogated against any international law or regulations for over 4 hours. (Source)

In april 2012 April 2012 Israel although attempted to arrest 2 year old Palestinian child as well. read the report by @LinahAlsaafin

Israel’s impunity knows no limits whatsoever. In 2011 they also summoned a 16 year old child for alleged crimes committed at the age of 40 days. (Yes you read right, this is no typo.. no kidding)

Read more on Israel’s policies on Child Arrests, Detention, Torture

More video footage of the event can be seen at the website of B’Tselem, which issued a Press Release

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VIDEO Arrest of 5-year-old Palestinian child causes outrage around globe ~ by @PressTV



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