Palestine News | July 13, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
July 13,  2015 | 24236 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2224 days
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Ramadan Kareem! | !رمضان كريم

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Today’s News

Interview with Ilan Pappé: “The basic Israeli ideology – Zionism – is the problem”

IOF continues to close Azzun entrance for the 5th day

Palestinian population in W. Bank, Gaza, about 4.5 million

Dozens of extremists raid Al-Aqsa Mosque

Sentencing deputy Totah and former minister Abu Arafeh

Sentencing a minor from Jerusalem and extension of arrest for two Jerusalemites

Demolition of part of the separation wall in East Jerusalem

Israeli occupation forces subdue Palestinian and foreign activists in anti-settlement marches

UNRWA : 71,000 Palestinians Displaced from Syria to Lebanon

Haneyya: Implicating Hamas in Egypt’s internal affairs serves the occupation

An extremist settler performs his religious rituals by Al-Nather Gate

Europe’s leaders speak out on Israel’s treatment of Palestinian children

Egypt partially reopens Rafah crossing

Quarter of a million perform the first Ramadan Friday prayer in Al-Aqsa Mosque

First friday Ramadan in Photos

Minister: Stranded Gaza pilgrims to return home

Land thieves rampage and Israel cries the world hates us. Sickening …

Hamas campaign in EU to come in from the cold

Jordanian Commission calls for effective moves to protect Al-Aqsa

IPS deliberately moves captives from one jail to another in Ramadan

PA apparatuses arrest 3 Hamas affiliates and summons four others

Awqaf holds Palestine Airlines responsible for pilgrims’ crisis

5-year-old boy killed by stray bullet in Gaza camp :((

Weekly demonstration continue in Ni’lin while harassment and night raids increase

PA lowering it’s morals beyond recovery with new round of gheebah:
MIND YOU PA: Hamas r your brothers

Gaza smuggling tunnels partially back in operation

#PalHunger | Prisoner society: Barghouthi’s health worsened further

Thousands affected by Egypt’s ban on Palestinians entering the country in order to return to Gaza 

Abu Zuhri slams PA forces’ brutality against women

An estimate of 250.000 worshipers pray at Aqsa mosque on first Friday of Ramadan

Explosive New book #WhyIsrael ? | reviewed by David Cronin @dvcronin for @Intifada

Hamas claims increased contact with European countries

“Settling” =  Still a warcime by law

Israeli minister urges construction of 10,000 settler homes

Manar and Ibtisam’s father has been in Israeli prison since Manar was one year old and before Ibtisam was even born

Relatives attack hospital after woman’s death

A glimpse into Gaza’s tunnels

Social media blitz on Palestinian athlete Oday Aboushi

In memoriam: The troubled times and inevitable fall of Israeli diplomacy, 1948-2013

Settlers from illegal colony of Itamar destroy 1,500 Palestinian olive trees in Awarta

NEITHER COVERED BY COMPLICIT MSM Over 1600 attacks by colonist settlers since dec 2010

NOT COVERED BY YOUR MEDIA | Full List of 205 documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations 

The photos that were not shown by MSM ▶ Gaza Under Attack …

Oh not. It’s just 10’s of thousands of Palestinians on the way to pray

VIDEO | Israel impose heavy restrictions on Muslims in Ramadan ~ by @PressTV

VIDEO | Children of Gaza – Documentary

VIDEO | Palestinians facing food insecurity in blocked Gaza ~ by @PressTV

VIDEO | Arrest of 5-year-old Palestinian child causes outrage around globe

Israeli group decries juvenile’s detention

Israeli court sentences Palestinian MPs

Israel violates the international laws by approving new law force-feed hunger striking prisoners

Here ‘security coop’ between PA & Israel can be seen. Israel oppresses worshipers. PA hands out: hats

Iran dismisses claim building secret nuclear site

What Bibi left out when he drew his bomb

Hamas demands PA to stop security coordination with the occupation

Prisoner X, the Sequel: Israeli Censorship Run Amok | by @richards1052

First Friday of Ramadan For Palestinians

#StopPrawerPlan 2005: advisor to Peres already told US Negev “development” plan meant “relocation” of 65,000 Bedouin

Comité national Palestinien BDS appelle à geler l’adhésion dl Knesset à l’Union interparlementaire au vu dl racistes


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