VIDEO | Palestinians facing food insecurity in blocked Gaza ~ by @PressTV

PressTV | Ashraf Shannon, Gaza | Fri Jul 12, 2013 8:46PM GMT

Food insecurity is spreading among Gazan households due to years of an unabated Israeli blockade. The crippling siege has negatively affected the quality and quantity of food Gazans consume.

Most Gazans suffer from food insecurity due to several years of Israeli blockade. Impoverishment has increased the level of food insecurity in Gaza which is home to one point seven million people. Tel-Aviv is not only maintaining a tight air, sea and land blockade but it also prevents farmers in Gaza from farming vast swathes of land in the so-called buffer zone.

Israeli naval forces limit the fishing area off the coast of Gaza depriving Gazans of fish which is known to be a rich source of animal protein.
According to Oxfam’s Coordinator of Food Security and Livelihoods, Elena Qleibo, food security remains a major challenge for aid agencies.

The Egyptian army’s crackdown on tunnels in recent weeks has also contributed to the lack of food security. Tunnels on the border with Egypt are considered a life-line for Gazans amid the choking Israeli blockade. They also provide jobs for thousands of workers.

According aid agencies working in Gaza nearly 60% of families in the impoverished territory are either food insecure or vulnerable to food insecurity. Thirty percent of the population has borderline or poor diets. This entails a reduced consumption of fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

Experts say that the situation of Palestinians in this tiny seaside territory reflects the scope of continuous Israeli human rights violations.

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