#StopPrawerPlan | Hamas condemns Israeli attack on demonstrators against Prawer plan

[ PIC 16/07/2013 – 03:27 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Hamas has strongly condemned the attack by Israeli forces on hundreds of participants in a demonstration staged to protest against the Prawer plan which will forcibly displace tens of thousands from their lands in the Negev.

The movement said in press statement: “We in Hamas strongly condemn the Israeli blatant attack on demonstrators protesting against Prawer plan which seeks to displace tens of thousands from their lands in the Negev. We also reiterate our rejection of this racist and unjust law, which represents flagrant violation of the conventions and international treaties.”

Hamas asserted that the Israeli policy of settlement construction and displacement of Palestinians from their lands will not succeed in obliterating the reality and imposing a fait accompli.

It hailed the steadfastness of the Palestinians in the 1948 occupied territories and called on them to continue their activities and protests against the Prawer plan until the achievement of their demands.

Hamas also demanded the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League to shoulder their responsibilities in the protection of Palestinian land from theft and Judaization.

prawer plan

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