MADA: Occupation committed 78 violations against media freedoms in half a year

[ PIC 17/07/2013 – 01:25 PM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) expressed deep concern about the media freedoms status in Occupied Palestine, in light of the escalated violations against the Palestinian journalists.

The center announced its semiannual report on media freedoms status in Occupied Palestine, during a press conference on Tuesday morning at MADA’s headquarters in Ramallah.

“Media freedoms status in Occupied Palestine still raises concerns in terms of the numbers and types of violations committed against Palestinian journalists. Violations against Palestinian journalists are one of the highest globally”, the center said.

MADA’s General Director Moussa Rimawi opened the conference saying that the violations against journalists “are life-threatening, where the Palestinian journalists are concerned for their life and safety, especially those who cover peaceful demonstrations and the popular resistance activities against the occupation, settlement, and the apartheid wall.”

He added: “Regardless of the threat, Palestinian journalists never back down and continue to exercise their profession and duty, and they have earned many appreciation and awards”.

Rimawi added that violations during the first half of 2013 have increased compared to the same period in 2012, as MADA monitored 113 violations; 78 committed by Israel, and 35 by Palestinian bodies.

He also noted that the Israeli occupation violations embodied five forms, namely: physical abuse, arrest, detention, prevention from coverage, and prosecution, adding that the physical assault on journalists formed the largest percentage of violations by the occupation with 43 attacks (54.4%).

“The Israeli Occupation insistence to continue its attacks on media freedoms is due to its desire to blur the truth and hide its constant attacks on the Palestinian people’s rights.”

MADA’s director denounced the international silence and inaction regarding the rising Israeli violations against media freedoms, and stressed that such attitude encourages the occupation to commit more violations against journalists.


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