The struggle is nearing a turning point and so is the joint struggle

Middle EastThough lot of comrades loose their enthusiasm along the years some drop out entirely or emigrate, the struggle continue – both in the struggle for social justice, and the joint struggle against the occupation and the transfer pressures within Israel. The mounting world pressures energized by the local struggles seems to increase qualitatively and so the fears of them by the Israeli elite. Most interesting news in this weekend article and editorial of the daily newspaper Haaretz: “…Contrary to Bennett’s statements, sources in Jerusalem say threat of European boycotts on Israel is real” Excerpt: “… large number of those investment committees [of the banking system] considered recommending to the banks to prohibit loans or aid of any kind to Israeli companies that operate in the West Bank − manufacturing there, selling their products, building homes and so forth − and also to Israeli banks that grant mortgages to home builders or buyers across the Green Line. “Guardian: EU takes tougher stance on Israeli settlements
‘Earthquake’ directive will prohibit EU states from signing deals with Israel unless settlement exclusion clause is included

Haaretz: Israeli economy at stake as EU takes stand on settlements: The sense that Israel was not truly interested in ending the occupation pushed the EU to turn unwritten rules into official, binding ones.

Bedouin struggle

Schedule for the Anger Strike events on Monday, July 15th, in Palestine:
Central demonstrations:
10am central demonstration in Naqab
5pm Um Alfahem entrance
5pm Sakhnin, Mesgav junction

In the following locations, demonstrations will take place:
6pm Yafa, Clock Square
9pm Jerusalem, Damascus Gate
4pm Ramallah, Manarah Square
4pm Gaza, Unknown Soldier Square
4:30pm Hebron, Tal Rumeide
4pm Nablus, Shuhada Square
And in other locations will start 11am unless stated otherwise: Ara’ra entrance – Baqa al-Gharbeya-Jat, indistrial zone, Tira and Taybeh, Nazareth, next to Big Fashion junction, Reineh and Mashhad, Circle. Kufr Manda+Rumaneh+A’zeir, Tiberias-Kufr Manda Junction, Shfa’amr+ Tamra+Ei’belin, Na’ameh junction, Jdaydeh, Maker, Kufr Yasif, Ayadeiyeh junction. Majd Alkroum, Deir Alasad, Be’neh, Majd Alkroum enterance. Tarshiha and Me’lya junction, Akka Sunday July 14th 8:30pm Haifa, Emil Habibi Square. Led+Ramleh

The transfer of the Palestinians from the 75% areas of Palestine robbed by the Zionist settler colonialist project 1948 was not complete. Part of this was because pressures from the imperial powers that their support was essential to the whole project. All along the years the Israeli state pressured in plethora of ways to remaining Palestinian to emigrate. However about 20% of the Israeli citizens are Palestinians – treated as second rate and subject to pressures to emigrate or at least to shrink the portion of land they posses. Last few years the pressure applied on the Israeli Palestinian Bedouins to relocate from their rural villages to a much smaller urban areas is intensifying.
The joint struggle of the Arkib village already destroyed more than 50 times was reported in the weekly report.

Bellow is a video about the Prawer Plan (which is in the focus of struggle) that intend to forcedly relocate most of the Bedouin villages is now on the verge of forceful implementation.

BREAKING NEWS: Many protests are now taking place in the occupied Palestinian cities (the 1948 territories) against the Prawer Plan which intends the ethnic cleansing and displacement of the Palestinian Bedouin Negev / Naqab area. It was previously announced that tomorrow July 15th is a general strike day. Photo was taken a while ago in Haifa.

Beer Sheva, 15.7.2013

Detainees and wounded in a demonstration against the Prawer Plan Beersheba morning
Police violence, wounded and prisoners in Beersheba Bedouin demonstration against the plan the morning – Prawer plan will be decided on next week in the Knesset, It will uproot tens of thousands from their homes. According to reports the demonstration started from the Ben Gurion university along Yitzhak Rager street main street to the Beersheba Bedouin administration building. Many marchers insisted to defy police order to march on the pavement and walked on the road, creating traffic jams. At one point the police stormed and carried out arrests while applying excessive power. 14 protesters were arrested at a demonstration three of them under the age of 17. They will be remand after 24 hours.…6357017072…289218929/

Jaffa clock tower

About 100 Israeli of the radical left – mainly activists of the anarchists against the wall and other anti Zionists joined about two hundred Israeli citizens Palestinians of the neighborhood – as part of the day of struggle against the Prawer transfer plan for transfer of 30000 Bedouins. The vigil people held flags and banners and chanted for nearly two hours – occupying the road to the south. The police force who were overwhelmed by the big crowd refrain from doing any thing and only when the last people went to the pavement they resumed the traffic.…7185298072….747344182


Last night in East Jerusalem: Hundreds of Palestinians demonstrated in Damascus gate, outside the old city, against Prawer Plan, Israeli police arrested at least 3 protesters, including two minors.…5588547073


Other demos:

Ramalla, Halil-Hebron, Nablus, Gaza, and many more.…8284623768…7614925502…ulearabic/…#more-1297


First Friday demo in the Ramadan. 8 Israelis with anarchists against the wall initiative, 4 internationals and about two dozen Bil’iners marched between the barbed fences “protecting” the separation wall. When we arrived at the gate in the wall we have seen there the new right wing of the gate in the fence of the barbed wire – replacement of the one confiscated the previous week and dragged as a trophy to the village. The Shabab started the stone trowing and slowly the state force replied with gradually increased tear gas grenades. When the tear gas accumulated we returned to the village.

Nabi Saleh

Friday, demo in solidarity with the Israel (1948) Bedouins against the Prawer plan!…1054840597
As the demo was quietly dispersing, the IOF suddenly invaded the village spraying skunk water in their wake on residential homes.…1578_n.jpg…0233353245
israel putermam


Friday 12.7.2013…3650619245


The demonstration today in Qaddum was strange: quieter than what we were used to in recent weeks.
Before prayer army lurked among abandoned houses and then came and tried to arrest two Shabab. These had not give up and managed to escape.
The march began after the usual prayer. This time there was no obstructing road blocks within the village and we walked almost to the fence. The army intruded for short whiles and than returned to its lurking.
Gas was shot sparingly and the demonstration passed relatively quietly.

A video, by the excellent photographer of the village ODAI QADDOMI

Abu Dis

09 07 2013 Approximately 35 from the Popular Committees Against the wall in the West Bank and as a part of a campaign called “chedi heilk ya balad ” OR stand up for your self my people” ” who they managed using a nonviolent direct action way to bring down part the apartheid and separation wall in the town of Abu Dis, to the east of occupied Jerusalem.
These activists succeeded in less than 15 minutes to open loopholes by using demolition large hammers. Demolishing a Section Of apartheid wall

Hebron scandal

On Tuesday afternoon, seven IDF soldiers and an officer detained a 5-year old child and blindfolded him at Wadi’ Maswadeh, in Hebron after he threw a stone that according to the IDF, hit the tire of a car belonging to a settler. The result was a wide media exposer with even local Israeli scandal.

Tel Aviv

About 3000 marched in a demo commemoration two years of social struggle and one year for Moshe Silman’s self immolation
The general shouting: “the answer for privatization is revolution” was heard again and again. More from yesterday’s protest commemorating one year for Moshe Silman’s self immolation and marking two years for social protests, June 13, 2013. (Oren Ziv, Yotam Ronen/

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