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آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
July 18,  2015 | 24241 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2228 days
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#GazaUnderAttack | July 17, 2013 | Full List of 207 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations 

#PalHunger | Barghouthi suffers serious problems with heart rate

New nakba in Negev: day of protest

Syrian refugees demand help from Kerry at Jordan camp

Israeli Religious Services Ministry calls for collective prayers in al-Aqsa

Hamas warns PA against returning to negotiations

Activists demand release of protesters at Negev police station

Abu Zuhri denies Hamas links to Grad missiles in Sinai

Abu Marzouk: Delay of reconciliation at US request

Announcing: +972 travel series ‘The Round Trip’ now available as e-book

Kerry Claims Gap Between Israeli And Palestinian Stances Is Narrowing

Two sides of the same coin: How soldiers and settlers complete each other

Netanyahu bends to blame EU for Kerry’s failure

Palestinian leaders ‘to vote on talks with Israel’

New EU Guidelines on Israel ~ by @StephenLendman

IOF rounds up dozens of Jerusalemites

Customs officials destroy expired produce in Bethlehem

Gov’t warns of environmental disaster in Gaza

Prisoners’ families remember their sons in Israeli jails

Violations against journalists increase in Israel and Palestine – IFEX

Syrian Refugee Relief in the Hands of the World Bank

WATCH: At peace initiative event, Palestinians nowhere to be found

Palestinians convene and decide: No talks if not based on 1967 borders

Anti-Prawer protests sweep the country: A week in photos – July 11-17

Report: Israeli diggings reached a depth of four meters under the Aqsa Mosque

Syria faces Syrian refugee demands in Jordan’s Zaatari camp

Israeli units suppress prisoners in Eichel

Tadamun: 13 Palestinian women are still in Israeli jails

Khatib: Military coup in Egypt encouraged Israel to escalate raids into Al-Aqsa

VIDEO | Europeans will not exert real pressure on Israel

Israel blocks Gaza gas field development

Consensus wisdom: The boycott of Israel is working… And Israeli officials know it

QUBPSS welcomes new EU guidelines that will exclude illegal Israeli settlements from EU-funded programs

Haneyya calls on Egypt to find an alternative to the tunnels

Kerry’s Talks: Diplomatic Snafu or Carefully Orchestrated Mess?

‘EU ban on Israel alters nothing’

European Investment Bank to stop loans to ‘virtually all’ major Israeli businesses and public bodies 

Israel performs 10 arrests in West Bank including 8 children

NEWS | Pro-Israel blog removes photo of Alicia Keys meeting soldiers’ supporter – ”Alicia Keys not only played…

PLEASE LIKE & SHARE This is creative revolution within Art in #Gaza using their moves to break the siege & show..

Al-Aqsa Foundation: Netanyahu promotes tourism to the alleged temple

Netanyahu–Israel will not tolerate external edicts on our borders | The Ugly Truth

Americans Push for Divestment from Pro-Occupation Companies

Fatah: Israeli refusal of 1967 borders nixed Kerry’s plan

Last group of pilgrims returns to Gaza

Palestinians rebuff US peace talks blueprint

According to the most moral Tzahal the video of the soldier cooking a LIVE BIRD does NOT represent the values of army

Combating Cynicism on Israeli-Palestinian Peace ~ by @YousefMunayyer


Meet the REAL #Israel
No need 2 discuss.
These are zionists’ own trophy pictures:

Fatah demands changes to Kerry’s plan

Israeli permits hit Palestinian markets

Kerry’s Talks Are Really Just Maintaining the Status Quo

Abbas delays decision on peace talks, Kerry to fly home

Video: Extreme violence – Canadian HRD ill treated and arrested by Israeli police

PFLP (@PFLP_ps): Prawer Plan is latest step in ongoing Nakba and must inspire resistance

European Sanctions Against Israel Can Work—Just Not These Ones

From last Dec 2012: GROUNDBREAKING REPORT | How Europe helps sustain Israel’s illegal settlements

Muhammad Taj, released from Israeli prison in April, went on hunger strike to compel PA to secure medical treatment

Israel’s AG postpones evacuation of 30 (illegal settler)houses in Amona outpost

Ikea considers opening West Bank store: Swedish furniture chain, which already has two outlets in I…

MOH: The closure of the Rafah crossing cripple ministry services 

Netanyahu spokesman denies Israel agreed to 1967 border formula 

The Latest from Mondoweiss for 07/18/2013

Palestinian refugees shut down UNRWA office in Lebanon camp

True face of Israel: Excerpts from the “Peace and Security” Chapter (Vanished from Knesset Website)

True face of Israel: “The Jordan river will be the permanent eastern border of the State of Israel.” & more:

True face of Israel: “Gov’t of Israel flatly rejects establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of Jordan river”

A trickle of water for Hannan and her family: Hannan Ammashi is a mother of 6 and a member of women´s cooperat…

Kerry prolongs Mideast trip amid hopes of breakthrough

| Israel
| Not looking for Peace
| Nor Talks
| But This
| The NO-STATE-SOLUTION for Palestine

Israel open to 1967 border formula for Palestine talks – Reuters

Peres urges EU to hold off on settlement funding curbs 

Resistance to new Nakba in the Negev unites Palestinians 

Statistics: Over 200000 Licensed Vehicles in Palestine in 2012 – WAFA

Dozens protest at PLO headquarters against disgraceful meeting with Israeli politicians 

Bans Muslim Official from Entering Al-Aqsa Mosque

Islamophobes try to remove pro-Palestinian women from university of California board. convenient democracy?! 

Israel’s response to EU is a wake-up call to the international community | Neve Gordon

Forget ‘Startup Nation’, Israel’s brand identity is occupation

In Photos | Israeli occupation forces suppressed Palestinian journalists in front of the Qalandiya checkpoint – July 17 2013

Video | Ramadan Awarta –  رمضان عورتا

Israeli city fighting to separate boy and girls at religious school as early as grade 1

Kerry prolongs Mideast trip amid signs of progress

Kerry visits Syrian refugee camp in Jordan

Netanyahu’s New Push for War

Israeli limited incursion east of Gaza city after shelling

Israeli forces detain Palestinians in East Jerusalem

Newspapers Review: Kerry’s Peace Efforts Focus of Dailies – WAFA

The struggle is nearing a turning point and so is the joint struggle

Israeli army detains 5 in West Bank raids

Human Rights Center demands to save Barghouthi’s life

Why boycott can’t be limited only to Israeli occupation and settlements

Fighting new Nakba in the Negev ~ by Ben White (@benabyad)

Israeli Army detain nine Palestinians in West Bank

Ahmadinejad: Zionists, hegemonic powers main foes of all Muslim nations

#StopPrawerPlan | PFM warns against Prawer Plan

Kerry pushes 2002 Israel peace plan

Video | Ejército israelí detiene niño palestino de 5 años

Sources: Kerry to Officially Announce Resumption of Negotiations

Israel’s Nuke Arsenal Off-Limits

Israel risks isolation with EU settlement guidelines

Egyptian Military Leader Accuses Hamas Of Arming Muslim Brotherhood

Israeli ambassador arrives in Cairo after 18-day absence

Israeli Diamonds in the Dubai Diamond Exchange

13 Golani soldiers refuse to guard base on Golan Heights

How European courts are dismantling sanctions on Iran

Iran condemns Israel’s interference in other countries’ affairs

Don’t worry Israel! Obama’s pick will get you Security Council seat

Third interview with Ilan Pappé: “All international activists that come to Palestine should be VIP’s

Over half of Israeli Arabs support call for new Intifada: Poll

Journalists’ protest violently supressed by Israeli forces at Qalandiya checkpoint

EU’s decision on Israel like ‘a bucket of cold water on the head of a drunk’ | Rachel Shabi

The Municipality hands a demolition order for the balcony of prisoner Khaled Shweiki’s house

Israeli forces raid a house in Silwan

Hunger striker Abdullah Barghouthi threatens to refrain from having water

Premier Haneyya receives Egyptian pledge to intervene in Barghouthi’s issue

Human Rights Center demands urgent intervention to save Barghouthi’s life

Coup underscores false U.S. commitment to democracy in the ME

Protests Held In 12 Cities Against Tiaa-cref Investments In Israeli Military Occupation

Army Attacks Journalists Near Jerusalem

Activists Launch Initiative Calling for The One Democratic State in Palestine

Naftali Bennett calls EU demand Israel accept settlements are not part of Israel “economic terror attack”

UN Deplores Impact of Syria Crisis on Palestinian Refugees

VIDEO | Police vandalism and brutality, Damascus Gate, East Jerusalem  – July 15, 2013

Iran reacts to Hague remarks on ties

Hamas rejects reconciliation deadline

Hezbollah to be blacklisted by GCC

Gaza Hospitals Suffering Due To Border Closure with Egypt – Al-Monitor

P.A. Demands AirPort in Ramallah, Dead Sea Resort

Israel’s “New Army” Will Use “Technological Advantages” Including More Drones in Future Middle East Wars

#StopPrawerPlan | Every Red Dot on map: 1 of Palestine’s towns Eradicated from earth
Now Israel wants to abolish 45 more villages and towns

#StopPrawerPlan | July 15th: Anger Strike to stop Prawer Plan 

#StopPrawerPlan | All the Facts About Bedouin Settlement of the Negev ~ by
@rhreng Rabbis for Human Rights |

#StopPrawerPlan  | 2005: advisor to Peres already told US Negev “development” plan meant “relocation” of 65,000 Bedouin

#StopPrawerPlan |  Half of Israeli Jews Oppose Bedouin Bill Once They Know the Facts

#StopPrawerPlan | Nablus joined tomorrow’s Angersrike: protest at 4pm Shuhada Square.

#StopPrawerPlan | Stand with @rhreng and support Bedouin rights!

#StopPrawerPlan | Adalah “Palestinian community prepares for General Strike against the Prawer Plan, get to know the people


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