Report: 80% of Palestinians in Syria were displaced from their refugee camps

[ PIC 19/07/2013 – 01:37 PM ]


DIMASCUS, (PIC)– The ongoing conflict in Syria has resulted in the martyrdom of 1400 Palestinian refugees and thousands of injuries in addition to the displacement of 80% of Palestinian refugees living in the country, the Working Group for Palestinians in Syria said.

In its annual report July 2012-June 2013, the Working Group confirmed that 9 Palestinian refugee camps out of 12 camps in Syria have become a violent battlefields subjected to daily bombardment and shelling.

The report stated that more than two-thirds of Palestinian refugees living in the country, approximately 530,000 Palestinian refugees according to UNRWA, have been displaced.

Between 12 and 15 percent of the Palestinian refugee population has fled the country altogether, UNRWA said.

Number of Palestinian martyrs and wounded in Syria have noticeably increased due to the continued siege imposed on the Palestinian camps by the regime forces.

The siege severely weakened medical services available to the refugee camps’ embattled residents, where individuals or groups who have attempted to smuggle medical supplies into the camps have been targeted as well.

The report documents serious violations committed by Elements of the two parties of the conflict in Syria against doctors, nurses and medical crews resulted in a complete ban on any medicine or medical supplies entering the Palestinian camps.

The Working Group for Palestinians in Syria expressed deep concern over the fate of thousands of Palestinian refugees who are stuck in the camps including women, children and patients with chronic diseases in light the acute shortage in medical supplies.

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