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آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
July 21,  2015 | 24243 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2231 days
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#GazaUnderAttack | July 17, 2013 | Full List of 207 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations 

IOF soldiers storm home of wanted Palestinian Activist, threaten his wife

Netanyahu planning referendum law for any peace deal with Palestinians

Activists and actors host Hakawati Theater solidarity event in Jaffa

“Arab League backs Palestinian stance in peace talks”

VIDEO | Egypt army steps up attacks on Gaza tunnels after Morsi ouster

IOF arrests three Palestinians in the West Bank

‘Over 625,000 Syria refugees in Lebanon’

#Israel to Judify the #Naqab south of Israel; Zionists initiate a unilateral plan to confiscate
#Bedouin land. #BDS …

The deal: Kerry gets an ‘announcement,’ Netanyahu gets EU to drop sanctions

Jarrar: Negotiations must end and normalizers removed from their positions 

Christian-Muslim Commission warns of excavations under Al-Aqsa Mosque

WATCH: Israeli forces shoot B’Tselem spokesperson in the leg during West Bank protest

Hamas appeals to Egypt military over tunnels

Gaza factions call for non-interference in Egypt affairs 

Activists and actors host Hakawati Theater solidarity event in Jaffa 

PLO delegation mourns death of Helen Thomas

Margaret Atwood, Yann Martel among Canadian writers urging Israel to avoid relocating Palestinians, Bedouin

This is what 160,000 Syrian refugees look like. #Jordan #ZaatariCamp #Syria

Historically the US political and media mainstream has often dismissed those who are critical of Israeli…

If Kerry fails, Israel will be an apartheid state ‘and that didn’t work too well the last time,’CENTCOM general warns …

Three Myths about the Bedouin ~ Rabbis for Humanrights (@rhreng)

‘Settlements ignite a human rights violation chain reaction’

Dozens of zionist settlers storm Negev village

‘Israel, Palestine talks will be tough’

Egypt army re-opens bridge closed for security reasons

Israel considers Bedouins “intruders” on land they’ve lived on since long before the Zionist state was established.

Resheq: The peace talks will lead to more loss of the Palestinian rights

Iran opposes Israeli-Palestinian talks

Right-wing Israelis attack Bedouin villages in southern Israel 

Petrol crisis hampers implementation of projects

#StopPrawerPlan | Help disseminate the facts about the ethnic cleansing of Bedouin of Palestine … #Israel #Palestine

PFLP (@PFLP_ps) official calls on central council to convene to hold Abbas accountable

Bardawil warns PA against falling in quagmire of negotiations 

Watch: The security coordinator of the settlement Otniel, Obscene gesture and T…: 

Israeli forces arrest a former judge at a flying checkpoint

Israeli court evicts family from East Jerusalem home

The cost of Kerry’s ‘breakthrough,’ Part 2

Video – Wave of child arrests intensifies in Hebron

New class of IDF recruits shows slightly less combat motivation – Israel Hayom

Video – Wave of child arrests intensifies in Hebron

OIC Chief: Israel sole beneficiary of regional tensions

Sinai security chief denies involvement of Hamas in any acts of violence

The Latest from Mondoweiss for 07/21/2013

Most people incl. @EU_commission do not even have the IDEA of the MAGNITUDE of the Israeli genocide on Palestine:

#StopPrawerPlan | Help disseminate the facts about the ethnic cleansing of Bedouin of Palestine

Palestinian members of Israeli Knesset turn down invitation for Iftar meal in protest against ‘Prawer plan’.

Islamist, leftist factions rally against negotiations

Sentencing the child Mohammad Raed Siam

Palestinian refugee camps shelled , two killed

Live Blog | The Genocide on Palestinian Refugees in Syria
At least 1398 Palestinians killed.

Egyptian ambassador: No change in procedure to travel to Egypt

Israeli special forces kidnaps Palestinian in Jenin

Call for action: Stop Prawer Plan! #StopPrawerPlan–call-for-action-stop-prawer-plan-.html

Israel’s similarity to South Africa’s apartheid is more than skin-deep  ~ by Ben White (@benabyad ) The National

Consensus wisdom: The boycott of Israel is working

Palestinians in Beirut stage sit-in in rejection of Prawer plan

Israeli ministers oppose settlement freeze

Reminder: Settling is a warcrime by law

Harmonization of certain relief assistance to the displaced families of Nahr el Bared Camp

HAVE YOU NO SHAME? Israel authorizes roundup of African refugees into concentration camps & USA Jewish groups are mum

A call for action: #StopPrawerPlan! “Please circulate and join us at the next day of rage: Thursday, August 1.”

Well that didn’t take long. New Israeli rules to round Africans into camps already being used: …

EU: settlement funding restrictions meant to bring peace 

PFLP (@PFLP_ps): Prawer Plan is latest step in ongoing Nakba and must inspire resistance

Full text of Prawer-Begin plan for Negev Bedouin

PA decision to resume talks does not represent the people’s will

Netanyahu welcomes talks with Palestinians

Amnesty: Demolitions of Bedouin Homes in Negev Desert Must End Immediately

Israel deports Canadian activist from Hebron

Israel to construct sea barrier at Sinai border with Egypt 

Israelis, PA still at odds over borders ahead of talks 

IMAGE: Israel’s AttorneyGeneral authorized cops to round African refugees off the streets & into concentration camps

Israeli border police stormtroopers illegally fire bullets injuring B’Tselem spokeswoman, Sarit Michaeli.

July 21 2013 Jerusalem – Tarawih prayers at the Al Aqsa Mosque – Photo by Afif Emira – WAFA

Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin

Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin


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