Boats carrying Palestinian refugees fleeing Syria capsize

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[ PIC 22/07/2013 – 10:56 AM ]


CAIRO, (PIC)– The action group for Palestinians in Syria said that 60 Palestinian refugees were on board two boats that capsized off the Egyptian coast.

It said in a press release on Monday that the Palestinian refugees were fleeing war-torn Syria and were planning to travel to Italy from Egypt.

It said that both boats overturned when their owners fled after Egyptian coastguards arrived near them as they were carrying those refugees illegally.

The group said that one of the boats capsized near the Egyptian coast and its passengers were rescued and taken to an Egyptian hospital in Alexandria.

It added that the other boat, which carried six families including 12 children, sank outside Egyptian regional waters and its passengers were stranded at an island in the international waters and were asking for help.


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