Israeli occupation refuses to release Hamas leader Ra’fat Nassif after end of his sentence

[ PIC 23/07/2013 – 12:01 PM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) refused to release Hamas leader Ra’fat Nassif after completing his imprisonment sentence and instead ordered him held in administrative custody, without charge or trial.

Osama Makbul, a lawyer with the Tadamun foundation for human rights, said that the IOA held Nassif, 47, in administration detention as of Tuesday for six months only two days before his supposed release.

Makbul recalled that the IOA had arrested Nassif on 12/2/2013 after storming his home in Tulkarem and ordered him detained under administrative custody but on 18/4/2013 he was taken to Petah Tikwa detention center and sentenced to six months in jail starting with date of his arrest after the prosecution tabled an indictment list against him.

The lawyer described administrative detention as “illegal” and a punishment used against prisoners by the Israeli intelligence at will.

Nassif, a Hamas leader in the northern West Bank, served 12 years in Israeli jails in aggregate, mostly in administrative custody.

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