Qassem: resumption of negotiations a deal to sell Palestine


DRAH | July 22, 2013

Gaza,(DRAH.PS)– Professor of Political Science Abdul Sattar Qassem condemned the decision of the Palestinian Authority to return to negotiations and considered it treason.

Qassem told the Jordanian Sabil newspaper that the Authority’s only concern is to get aid and money, and revealed that “the negotiations have never stopped, as meetings have continued in secret in Amman and Jerusalem.”

He also considered the resumption of negotiations a deal to sell Palestine, demanding the Palestinian people to dismiss these “traitorous negotiators”

For his part, member of the central committee of Fatah Abbas Zaki stated that pressures were exerted by the Arabs on the Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to push him to accept negotiating with Israel.

He said in an interview with Sabil newspaper that America sees the region with Israeli eyes. It is not interested in freezing the settlement activity or in a Palestinian state on the borders of 67.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced that the authority has agreed to return to direct negotiations next week in Washington.

Dr. Ahmed Bahar, First Deputy Head of the Legislative Council, said in a statement that Ramallah authority’s decision to return to negotiations according to the Israeli conditions is a political suicide, and direct liquidation of Palestinian rights and national constants.

He stressed that the authority’s decision to resume negotiations with the occupation represents a complete acquiescence to the American attitude completely aligned with the Israeli position, and a disavowal of all the conditions set by the Palestinian Authority throughout the last stage for the resumption of negotiations.

Bahar noted that the resumption of negotiations would constitute a legitimate cover for the development of Judaization and settlement schemes in all the occupied Palestinian territories.

For his part; Hassan Khreisha, Second Deputy Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, also considered the resumption of negotiations “a political suicide”, and revealed that the Authority leadership in Ramallah have accepted Israeli bribes to return to negotiations.

Concerning the Palestinian reconciliation file; Khreisha said that it “has become a part of the history and the past … Who wants reconciliation does not return to negotiations and does not support the Egyptian media that incite against Hamas and the Gaza Strip and attack the Palestinians.”


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