Zionist Fox Co. Will Open a Branch in Ramallah

Kawther Salam | July 23, 2013


The israeli zionist clothes manufacturing chain “Fox Group” will open a branch in the city of Ramallah for the first time, a move against the will of the majority of Palestinians who are treated by the Palestinian Authority as a herd of goats.

Jawad al-Naji, the “minister” for Economy of the PA and a well Fatah apparatchik, has signed a franchise agreement with the company in this regard Just few days after the EU decided to bar 28 member states from dealings with the jewish zionist settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories in the West Bank, including the occupied east of Jerusalem.

Naji -Banat

Naji was chased on June 8 2013 out of the national boycott conference in Bethlehem University. Participants in the BDS conference were angry with the PA’s politics of trade and normalization with Israel, and many openly criticized the PA, the Palestine Liberation Organization and PA leader Mahmoud Abbas himself. The minister fled the hall with his entourage to angry chants of “get the minister out” and “collaborators!”. Later, one of Naji’s men from the PA intelligence attacked the participants and broke nose of one of the participants who criticized the minister.  

According to the terms of the Paris economic agreement, the Palestinian authority deals with Israeli trade such as “national product” in the so-called area (A), some closed ghettoes which under its control in the occupied West Bank. The PA officials demanded the Europeans to stop the decision or at least not to formalize it.

The jewish newspapers revealed today that Fox will open a branch in Ramallah but did not reveal further information about the identity of the Palestinian franchiser. According to our sources from Palestine, the franchiser is an element of the Palestinian Authority and one of the biggest fat cats of Fatah and the PA.

The Israeli media reported that “Fox” has been known for many years to manufactures of clothing and wholesaler Palestinians in Ramallah, but that this is the first time that the company has signed a franchise agreement to supply the city residents.


The extremist Hebrew edition of Ynetnews wrote:

fox companyRecently, a banner was hung on one of the commercial centers in the Palestinian city, announcing that the clothing and home-design chain will soon open a branch there. While potential Palestinian customers are expressing their support, the decision has also sparked a storm on social networks among Palestinian activists who vehemently oppose any normalization with Israel and the sale of products of Israeli companies in the Palestinian Authority.

One of the activists protesting the move expressed his dissatisfaction about the economic cooperation with Israel. Another attacked the Palestinian Authority, led by the Fatah organization, telling Ynet that “Fatah continues to underestimate the suffering of the residents of the West Bank. It does everything to gain the trust of Israel and tries to cooperate with it at the highest level, even though they are the enemy of the Palestinian people.”

FOX Group operates a total 135 stores in Israel and 245 stores abroad. Among other locations, the company operates in North and South America, Central and Eastern Europe, and South-East Asia.

Ramallah is home to the Palestinian Authority headquarters and has become a thriving metropolitan in recent years. The Swedish home furnishing giant IKEA is expected to open a branch there and the director of Ikea operations in Israel has offered to help the Palestinians set it up.

Fox, which has come under fire for using veiled sexual innuendo in its marketing campaigns, is partly owned by Avraham Fox, a religious Jew. The retailer’s stores are all closed on the Jewish Sabbath, unlike many other major chains which keep some of their stores open.

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