Students stage vigil to condemn arrest of journalist Yousef Shalabi

[ PIC 24/07/2013 – 04:22 PM ]


JENIN, (PIC)– Dozens of students from the Arab American University in Jenin participated in a vigil on Tuesday to protest the arrest of journalist Yousef Abdul Latif Shalabi, aged 23, by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF).

Students and a number of university lecturers took part in the vigil called for by the Department of Arabic Language and Media at the university.

The protesters raised banners condemning the arrest of their colleague Shalabi and a number of other students from the Arab American University by the IOF during the last week, calling to expose the occupation crimes against the Palestinian people in general and the students in particular.

Media lecturer at the University Mahmoud Khallouf said that chasing university students and journalists in the West Bank is a violation of international laws and conventions, stressing that the freedom of speech and expression is a right for all.

Khallouf hailed the university students for their participation in the vigil, considering that this move represents a clear message to the occupation that all its repressive procedures will not affect journalistic work

Israeli soldiers raided and searched the house of journalist Yousef Shalabi at dawn Monday, then arrested him and took him to an unknown destination.

Shalabi has been earlier detained by the PA security apparatuses. His house was also raided and searched many times on charges of his affiliation with Hamas movement.


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