Palestine News | July 25, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
July 25,  2015 | 24247 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2235 days
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Ramadan Kareem! | !رمضان كريم

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Today’s News

#GazaUnderAttack | July 25, 2013 | Full List of 209 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations 

DFLP | Save the Hares Boys: 5 #Palestinian children face life imprisonment with no evidence for no documented crime

BDS, Threats and the Burdon of Proof

Some 20 Jewish settlers smash Palestinian cars in Jerusalem

12 prisoners continue their #Palhunger strike in Israeli jails

PA forces arrest and summon 5 Hamas members

Zionist troopers arrest guard of garbage dump, beat up two youths

Family of prisoner Hosam Shaheen appeals for saving his leg

‘Ya’alon orders freeze in permits for EU projects in West Bank’

From Ramadan ordeals to housing protests: A week in photos by @ActiveStills – July 18-24

Hezbollah calls EU blacklisting ‘insult’

‘Israel, PA may resume talks next week’

Even Mubarak didn’t infringe it like this
Egyptian “authorities” allow 50 Palestinians to travel

Workers on Israel’s illegal railway robbed of half their pay ~ @intifada

Israel’s West Bank railway plan will face hundreds of objections

No Peace Process Until U.S.A Becomes “Honest Broker” Not “Israel’s Lawyer” 

IOF escalates arrests against Palestinian workers during Ramadan

Israeli occupation ordered teacher Zeina Amro to stay away from Al-Aqsa for 3 months

Hamas government orders shutdown of two news outlets’ offices in Gaza

Dahlan seems to be the only Palestinian to have enjoyed “Political Immunity”! From who? Israel?

Abu Zahri accuses Fatah of eradicating Hamas in WB

EU rejected any terrorist act on European soil.
But tolerates Israel’s covert & liquidation ops worldwide incl in EU

Hunger Strikes Update: Punishments escalate against the 12 remaining hunger strikers

Israel unveils controversial plan for West Bank rail network
& has predictions for 2035
So far Abbas’ statehoodtalks

Torture in Israel is illegal, is routine, and is used to punish families

Citizen tries to burn himself in Bethlehem in poverty protest

Israeli occupation forces arrest a young man from Beit Ummar

Report: Suffering of Palestinian refugees in Syria increasing

Cemetery Living in Gaza

UN human rights chief denounces Israel’s Bedouin resettlement plan

12 Palestinian prisoners continue their open hunger strike in Israeli jails. The oldest hunger striker is Ayman…

Best move ever!
Hamas government closes Ma’an, Al-Arabiya bureaus in Gaza

209th Israeli Violation of Cease-Fire: Zionist snipers shoot and wound Palestinian in Gaza

IDF killed 9
Looted $millions
1 soldier punished
The #MaviMarmara Massacre

2 suicides after high school exam results announced

General al Sisi calls on Egyptians to rally for him tomorrow – he’d be better off asking Tel Aviv where his fan are:

FC Basel stars Elneny, Salah won’t play in Tel Aviv #FCBasel #MaccabiTelAviv

New post: G4S’ hidden business in Israel’s prisons

I could not have INVENTED IT!
Dahlan sues Abbas, accuses him of violating human rights: Israeli sources have revealed

UN slams Israeli bid to expel Bedouins

‘Hezbollah ban proves EU serving Israel’

Israel sold $7.5 billion in 2012 defense EXPORTS. That’s more than DOUBLE US mil aid, making it even more absurd that the US still offers it

Israel Railways planner: “We estimate that 2035 will see 30 million train rides” across the occupied West Bank:

Settler action committee to work against Israeli, international activists in South Hebron Hills


Egypt arresting and threatening to deport Syrian refugees: HRW

Palestine – After conditional release, photographer could be detained again

Medics: Gaza teen jumps from building after failing exams

“Minister Livni, Attorney Molcho to meet with PA negotiator Erekat in Washington under cloak of secrecy”,7340,L-4409688,00.html

Yet another attack on the academic boycott campaign that fails to mention the call from Palestinians like @PACBI

Mizan center slams Israel’s kidnapping of patients at Beit Hanoun crossing

Siam family from Sheikh Jarrah, struggling against eviction order and not giving up

Egypt imposes toughest Gaza restrictions in years

Hunger striker Khaddarat to prison clinic

Up to 70,000 Bedouins Could Be Impacted or Displaced by Israel ~ Interview with @Moe_Diab

Must Have & superb resource for Palestine Activists ‘Targeting Israeli Apartheid HandBook’ 

A Call to Conscience: Boycotting the State Department and White House Ramadan Iftars 

VIDEO | @MOPACINO Gives the poor & Explains What Ramadan really means

Israel strengthens air-defence system on Egyptian border

Palestinians injured in Jenin clashes with Israeli forces

Hamas: Ma’an News Agency publishes Israeli fabrications

Already over 4000 signatures to get #AHAVA products off Nordstrom shelves! If we can get 16,000 people to call…

Reject the Israeli Settlement in Hebron! Sign the Palestinian Hebron Rehabilitation Committee petition:

Citizen tries to burn himself in Bethlehem in poverty protest 

The Latest from Mondoweiss for 07/25/2013

EU’s decision on Hezbollah showed double standards toward terrorism

Saboteurs vandalize playground at Gaza sports club

Mercy Corps opened Gaza Sky Geeks in March of 2012 using some funds from a $900,000 Google grant for investment…

Settlers vandalize Palestinian cars in Jerusalem

Nasrallah: EU giving “legal cover” for an Israeli war on Lebanon

Israeli police ‘briefly detain’ Palestinians in Damascus Gate

Israel elects new chief rabbis

Sir Bob Russell Accuses Israel Of ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ | Friends of Al Aqsa (@FriendsofAlAqsa )

Former U.S. general: Settlements liable to turn Israel into an apartheid state

Younes Arar Palestinian freedom fighters deported to Europe in 2002 following an Israeli invasion of Bethlehem

Israel’s Killer Robots | VICE United Kingdom … v

Israeli occupation authorities declared last Tuesday its intention to confiscate hundreds of dunums of the…

Hezbollah: Blacklist makes EU complicit in any Israel raid

Israel demolishes 350 Palestinian-owned structures in 2013, displacing 600 people

Video: Gaza in Shadows

Palestinian cause fades into the background 

Today at 5pm in Jerusalem demo against the plan to displace 1000s of Bedouins from Khan Ahmar area. (Prawer is not alone)

Turkey Refuses to Accept Israel’s Ex Gratia Compensation Payment in MaviMarmara

EDL thug’s tattoo sparks outrage in UK

Israeli daily staff go on strike

Israel’s Defense Ministry looking to sell surplus planes, tanks and boats to ‘friendly nations’

Israel’s AG orders release of two Sudanese asylum seekers jailed without evidence of crime

Sheikh al-Asir’s bodyguard detained at Lebanese airport

Turkish Culture Week to be hosted in Palestine

Israel to set grandiose railway in the WB

Netanyahu’s Hawkish Squawk ‘Iran attack getting closer’

Israeli occupation forces raid Nablus city, brutally attack young men

There’s a cell in Jerusalem’s Rimonim Prison that has two inmates. One was convicted of selling dozens of…

VIDEO | Netanyahu rehashes false claims about Iran’s nuclear energy program

What he forgot to mention

U.S. scholar backs out of Israel trip after consulate assigns her ‘subordinate’ status due to birth in Pakistan

Jordanian detainees enter their 80th day of hunger strike

Our role model is Salahuddin, not Mahmoud Abbas or Abdul Fattah Sisi ~ by Khalid Amayreh

Syria gov’t rocket attack kills 15 Palestinian refugees: activists

Saudis, US pressured EU over Hezbollah stance

Hunger striker Khaddarat to prison clinic 

Turkey refuses Israeli offer for Gaza Flotilla raid

For who forgot
The #MaviMarmara Massacre

Ten Palestinians killed in Syria

Man wants 2 sell kidney 2 get cash 2 feed his kids. Pple fight 4 food. Reposting my story from refugee camp in

‘EU’s anti-Hezbollah move ineffective’

Palestinian arrested in Hebron

Soldiers invade two Palestinian houses – for training only

Israeli limited incursion east of central Gaza

About Those Israel Academic Study Trips… 

Hezbollah leader demands cabinet representation

For Jewish followers & all interested:
Teach Torah by Living Torah: Please Sign the Joint RHR/Trua Letter via @rhreng

Resistance key to liberating Palestine, restoring Palestinians’ rights: Iran envoy

Netanyahu: Israel is Ready to Resume Peace Talks with Palestinians

Families Denied Prison Visit After Objecting To Strip Search

Palestinians demand invitation to peace talks

Israël woest over ‘absurde’ boycot  (Dutch)

EU Declares a Total Boycott of Israeli Settlements Built on Palestinian Lands By Uri Avnery

Hamas : Le déplacement des leaders des frères musulmans à Gaza est une allégation mensongère

L’identité de la sainte mosquée d’Al-Ibrahimi menacée par la judaïsation

Adoption d’un nouveau système répressif pour déplacer les Jérusalémites

MUST WATCH VIDEO | Former US marine calls Zionist a prostitute on Press TV Debate

The Illusion of Progress: 9 Reasons Why New Israel-Palestinian Talks May Fail 

Abu Pessoptimist: Nederzettingen verdringen de Bedoeïenen in de heuvels van Zuid-Hebron

Confrontation Erupt with Israeli Forces in Nablus

VIDEO | Palestinians rage at Israel’s plan to shut down Ibrahim Mosuqe on Laylat ul-Qadr

Israeli military dangerous terrorist organization

Over half of Israelis may back peace accord: Poll

Israel pushing ahead with grandiose West Bank railway plan, ignoring political borders By Chaim…

“Sometimes, I Have to Risk My Life to Survive”

Zionist Fox Co. Will Open a Branch in Ramallah

Palestinians: Talks Won’t Resume Without Israeli Consent to Basis of 1967 Borders

VIDEO | Iraq explosions in line with Israeli plans for ME: Sabah Jawad

Soldiers invade two Palestinian houses – for training only

VIDEO | EU must slap sanctions on Israeli military

Must read, epic writing by @Budour48. De-colonising anarchism+challenging white hegemony

Even Peace Now’s director warns Israel is on road to full international boycott a la S. Africa

Human Rights Organizations Condemn Israeli Court’s Reply Concerning IOF Use of White

Now in English: Israel strips the right to apply for business licenses from the few African refugees who had it till now

VIDEO | Israel already involved in unprovoked attacks on Syria

Gaza: besieged by Israel and now dumped by Egypt, Turkey, Qatar; economy nosedives via

What is possible if we veto expulsion?

VIDEO | Failed policies, destabilizing Israel: E. Michael Jones

New Israeli Ethnic Cleansing Policy in Jerusalem

As Israel’s Attorney General releases just 2 Africans from jail, he changes law to forbid Africans from running shops …

VIDEO | Battle for Yarmouk rages on in Syria

Several online groups are claiming to mimic Egypt’s “Tamarrod” in Palestine | @bangpound sorts them out

Jewish extremists storm Al-Aqsa Mosque

Palestinians gets NIS 731,910.21 fine for selling bagels in his own al-Quds

The Lobby Never Sleeps ~ by Philip Giraldi

Hamas strongly condemns bombing the Yarmouk camp

Live Blog | The Genocide on Palestinian Refugees in Syria

For continuous updates on Israel’s Racism & Crimes Against Africans follow @davidsheen’
The best source on internet

Full-blown assault against Palestinians underway in Egyptian media | by @hanine09

Gaza Ramadan a bust under tunnel destruction and futile “peace” talks

Israel Looted Millions in Mavi Marmara Booty, Yet Punishes 1 Soldier for Stealing a Laptop …

Current US diplomatic activity round Palestine-Israel may be part of War Process, not Peace

PHOTOS | Ongoing Israeli settlement expansion endangers Palestinian communities in South Hebron Hills

Syria govt rocket attack kills 15 Palestinian refugees – activists 

Israel’s Amb. to UN Ron Prosor: the campaign of delegitimization will slowly have a real & adverse effect …

Settlers removed from West Bank would likely focus on Judaization strategies targeting Palestinian citizens …

Bedouins in the Negev have proposed their own alternative to the government’s Prawer-Begin Plan

Videos – Taraweeh Prayers Makkah and Medina – Ramadan 1434 | 2013

IDF sent troops to capture Hamas military chief in 2008, in failed bid for Shalit bargaining chip

Saudi Arabia ups pressure on Israel

Saudi does not pressure Israel on the since 1967 by ISRAEL OCCUPIED SAUDI ISLANDS #Sanafir & #Tiran!

Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin

Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin


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