Report: Suffering of Palestinian refugees in Syria increasing

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[ PIC 25/07/2013 – 12:37 PM ]


LONDON, (PIC)– National Working Group for the Palestinians in Syria said that the living conditions in the Palestinian refugee camps in Syria are becoming more and more difficult in light of the continued confrontations between the revolutionaries and the Syrian regime.

All the bakeries and most of the hospitals and clinics in the Yarmouk, Husseiniya, Sabina and Daraa camps stopped working.

The group said in a report on Thursday that the power outage which has continued for several months, as is the case in the Yarmouk refugee camp, makes the situation more difficult.

The camps are also still suffering from the blockade imposed by the Syrian army forces, which have been preventing the entry of sufficient quantities of food and medical supplies to the camps.

The Working Group for the Palestinians in Syria also pointed in its report that the forces have continued to target the refugee camps with shelling.


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