Bulletin of @DCIPalestine : Israel imprisoned and prosecuted 193 children in June


Al Ray Agencies | July 27. 2013

Gaza, Alray – Defence for Children International-Palestine Section in its June report said that “as of June 30, 2013, a total of 193 Palestinian children were imprisoned and prosecuted in the Israeli military court system,”

The monthly report has elaborated the number mentioned as follows:

The number of children between the ages of 12 and 15 was 41, a decrease of 14.6 percent, but still higher than the annual averages of the past three years.

The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child released a report in June finding that Israel forces continue to commit serious violations against Palestinian children, including systematic ill-treatment of children in Israeli military detention.

DCI-Palestine submitted a report to four separate United Nations independent human rights experts on June 25 that detailed the widespread and systematic ill-treatment Palestinian children encounter in the Israeli military detention system during 2012.

The report details the type of violations children encounter in the system, including the use of hand ties in 97% of cases; use of blindfolds in 95% of cases; and no lawyer present during interrogation in 99% of cases

The report highlighted that Palestinian children were subjected to physical violence during arrest, transfer or interrogation in 74% of cases.

Solitary confinement was used for interrogation purposes on Palestinian children in 19% of cases.

The report was based on 108 affidavits collected during 2012 from Palestinian children arrested in the West Bank and prosecuted in the Israeli military detention system.

Defence for Children International-Palestine Section (DCI-Palestine) is a national section of the international non-governmental child rights organisation and movement, Defence for Children International (DCI), established in 1979. As such, it is a member of the International General Assembly of DCI, which convenes every three years.


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