55 year old Palestinian refugee Abed al-Rahim al-Hanash killed in Syria

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Maan News Agency | July 29, 2013

213320_345x230[1]BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A Palestinian refugee was killed on Sunday during clashes in Syria, a Palestinian group said.

Abed al-Rahim al-Hanash, 55, was killed when a shell exploded in Yarmouk refugee camp near Damascus, the Taskforce for Palestinians in Syria said.

A number of shells damaged several houses in the camp.

The Syrian army is still blockading Yarmouk, preventing people from leaving or entering, the group added. There are severe shortages of food, medicine and fuel, and electricity blackouts are common.

In June, UNRWA’s commissioner general described Palestinian refugee camps in Syria as “theaters of war.”

More than half of the 530,000 Palestinian refugees registered in Syria have been displaced and 15 percent have fled abroad, including 60,000 to neighboring Lebanon and over 7,000 to Jordan.

Palestinian officials insist that refugees in Syria are not involved in the deadly war rocking the country, citing security concerns for the vulnerable refugee population if they are perceived to take sides.

But Syria’s uprising has split Palestinian loyalties, with many ordinary Palestinians sympathetic to the uprising by their fellow Sunnis, and others recalling the Syrian government’s long-support for Palestinians.

In March, the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria said that over 1,377 Palestinians had been killed in the ongoing Syria conflict, with that number thought to have increased significantly since then.



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