Hussam Khader condemns Fatah marches supporting al-Sisi

[ PIC 28/07/2013 – 07:31 PM ]


RAMALLAH, GAZA, (PIC)– Fatah prominent leader Hussam Khader denounced the marches organized by his movement in the occupied West Bank in support of the Egyptian Defense Minister Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

Khader considered in a press statement on Saturday that these marches represent interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries and will negatively impact the Palestinian cause, calling on Fatah to respect the will of the people and not to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.

Fatah movement had earlier launched a scathing and systematic attack on Hamas, accusing it of interfering in Egyptian internal affairs.

Fatah has organized marches in the occupied West Bank in support of al-Sisi calling for giving him the Palestinian citizenship, which raised the citizens’ anger.

Ihab Ghussein, Palestinian government spokesman, denounced in a statement on his Facebook page remarks made by Fatah leaders supporting the massacres committed in Egypt and demanding the elimination of resistance.

Ghussein called on all Palestinians to confront Fatah’s policy and warned that “Fatah movement may take advantage of the current situation to sign a new agreement with the occupation in the coming days, through which it may sell the rest of Palestine and relinquish all our constants and holy sites.”

Sources reported that more than 150 protestors died at dawn Saturday near Rabaa Adaweya Square while thousands were wounded by the security services fire.

PHOTOS | The Rabaa Adaweya Massacre, Egypt July 27, 2013 ~ by @mosaaberizing

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Note from occpal:
I hope EVERY SINGLE EGYPTIAN – disregarded of his ‘faith’ – who raised his hand towards another get’s hit by the knowledge he is ONLY serving oppressors and colonial lobbyists and their corrupted interests.

You finally achieved, to become the cheap slave who spills his own brothers blood while those inciting it sit cheering on a couch praising u.

May Allaah SWT have mercy on the souls of the shuhada. Ameen ya Rab.

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