Leaked documents expose PA-led smear campaign against Hamas in Cairo

[ PIC 29/07/2013 – 12:07 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Hamas Movement said it obtained documents revealing a plot intended by the Fatah-controlled Palestinian authority (PA) to incite Cairo against the Movement as part of the smear campaign against it.

These documents confirm that the PA uses the Egyptian media to fabricate lies and demonize Hamas.

The documents unveil that recent preparations have been made by senior PA officials to incite the Egyptian side against Hamas during the coming visit of de facto president Mahmoud Abbas to Cairo and to urge it to accuse Hamas officially of killing Egyptian soldiers in Sinai.

Among the documents are two signed letters of correspondence, dated July 24, one between Jihad Harrazin, head of the Fatah propaganda and media office in Cairo, and Attayeb Abdul-Rahim, secretary-general of the PA presidency in Ramallah, and the other between the latter and Majed Faraj, director of the PA intelligence agency.

For his part, senior Hamas official Salah Al-Bardawil confirmed that Hamas had access to hundreds of documents exposing the engagement of the PA and Abbas in inciting Cairo against the Movement.

“We have obtained many documents probably hundreds, about the fabricated news spread by the Egyptian media which implicate Hamas in the current events in Egypt, and we know the sources of these stories and how they were made up and sent to the Egyptian press,” Bardawil told Al-Risala Net.

“The biggest surprise was that this smear campaign against Hamas is spearheaded by Mahmoud Abbas himself with the assistance of Attayeb Abdul-Rahim, secretary-general of the presidency, and Majed Faraj, head of the general intelligence apparatus in the West Bank, and they have a hotbed in Cairo run by Jihad Harrazin, including Bashir Abu Hata, Ahmed Mansour Dagmash and PA ambassador Barakat Al-Farra in collaboration with journalists from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank,” the Hamas official explained.

He stated that the intended visit of Abbas to Cairo is aimed at inciting the Egyptian government into accusing Hamas officially of killing 16 Egyptian soldiers in Sinai.

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