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آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
July 30,  2015 | 24252 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2240 days
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#GazaUnderAttack | July 29, 2013 | Full List of 210 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations 

Several injured, mosque imam kidnapped in violent raid on Jenin camp

Pro-Palestine Group organizes youth summer camps in US

Baraka: we refuse Palestinian refugee camps to be used to hurt Lebanon stability

Abbas visits Egypt’s interim president Mansour on Monday

Israeli soldiers arrest 11 Palestinians in Al-Khalil including children

‘Peace Talks’ started so zionist troopers raided a Christian monastery

Alert  for all activists: Al Quds Day 2013
Unite for Palestine on Friday 2nd August

Activists in Spain & Netherlands join global protest to #StopPrawerPlan. check ur local protest & JOIN!

Israeli forces arrest Imam in Jenin refugee camp

Abbas rejects free trade zone with Egypt, calls to shut tunnels

Harel: The Israeli-PA security collaboration prevents the outbreak of intifada

Abu Reda (abducted by Israel from Sinai) reveals details of his detention and torture

Settling is still a warcrime by law, but Zionist Jewish settlers return to evacuated outpost

Settlers turn to Israeli courts to control a property in Silwan

Israel: Protect citizens’ rights to protest peacefully against forced evictions | Amnesty International

Israeli court verdicts on Shafa Amr massacre raise ire of Arabs

Rizqa warns of new Palestinian concessions

Former PA minister raises questions about prisoner release

Hamas summons Gaza journalist for questioning

Dozens protest negotiations in Nablus

Dr. Oz dances with Hebron settlers

What Do We Learn from 45 Years of Negotiations?

Israel media question Netanyahu motives for talks

Israel’s (warcriminal) Livni hails ‘positive’ Mideast talks mood

Hamdan: Abbas is involved in a conspiracy to liquidate the Palestinian cause

‘Gaza use social media to break media silence’. …

Hamas accuses rivals of malicious campaign

Philippines set to keep troops in Golan

The Illusion of Israeli-Palestinian Peace for Our Time

Iran sends aid to Palestinian refugees

Israel advises Sri Lanka on slow-motion genocide at @intifada

Morsy rejected “legitimacy” trade-off in Ashton meeting: source

Bedouin in the West Bank: Settler attacks, denial of water

‘PA, Israel to reopen talks in 2 weeks’

Breaking the Silence › Video Testimony – House Demolition …

DFLP | Save the Hares Boys: 5 #Palestinian children face life imprisonment with no evidence for no documented crime

US is not neutral in Israeli-Palestinian talks: Noam Chomsky

Islamic Jihad: Arab world on brink of new Sykes-Picot

Peace negotiators prepare for first substantive meeting Tuesday

US secures Israel 9 months additional ethnic cleansing time:

Ladies and gentlemen: Rana from Gaza is  fundraising for her studies at SOAS. Please spread the word. Details here:

Liberation of zionist occupation should not be subject of ‘talks’
It should be a global obligation to end zionist crimes on #Palestine

Turkish businessmen to boost investment in Palestine

UN leader warns Iraq on ‘the brink’
Israeli official: settlement construction to increase in the coming months

If you need evidence of how Israel’s political & religious leaders work together to prevent “mixed race marriages”

Israeli forces raid Cremisan Monastery in Bethlehem

The @BBC insists on Jerusalem as Israeli city , PSC condemns

Total moral bankruptcy at Aurtz7 which uses the #Judenrein -word.. it’s 2013 guys, wake up to reality

IMF shot three Palestinians

PCHR Calls Upon Abbass To Intervene To Save Lives Of 36 Patients Suffering From “Leukemia”

(Zionist) Martin Indyk Named US Special Envoy to Israeli and Palestinian Peace Negotiations

World = Watching fake orchestrated talks while #Israel is not even able to live up to a cease fire it violated 210x

#StopPrawerPlan: Day of Anger: Stop Prawer Plan Rally in Washington DC #US

Videos – Taraweeh Prayers Makkah and Medina – Ramadan 1434 | 2013
#Video #Ramadan #Taraweeh

Saudi King paid 1$ Billion to knock out Morsi and to Murder it’s people #KSA should be ashamed 

Bennett: ‘I’ve killed lots of Arabs’ quote was taken out of context

Now in English: @haaretz expose of ‘Oriental’ Bank that refuses loans to Palestinian citizens of Israel

‘Its getting worse every day,’ Gaza cab driver says. ‘Even when Mubarak was prez we used to get fuel thru the tunnels,7340,L-4409469,00.html

Can’t wait till his 2nd week in office! In 1st week on the job, Israel’s new Chief Rabbi calls black people “niggers”

“Law would provide for forced eviction of more than 30,000 residents from #Bedouin village”

Barghouthi: “Israel Using Detainees For Political Blackmail”

As DOA Peacetalks (re)start: Israel Approves A New Settlement In Occupied Jerusalem

Abbas: ‘Not a Single Israeli’ in Future Palestinian State: by Reuters  Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud

Incredible: Birthright demanded applicant provide DNA test 2 prove Jewishness B4 being accepted.

BBC insists on Jerusalem as Israeli city , PSC condemns: Agencies – Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) condem…

World looking at orchestrated fake talks while Israel is not even able to live up to a cease fire (Violated 210x)

MSM is vomiting ‘peace-talk’ propaganda While the 2013 Gleichschaltung media silences
#Israel‘s Endlösung for Gaza

IOF Forces Injure 3 Palestinians, Arrest Mosque’s Imam in Jenin Refugee Camp

August 1st: Day of action for Naqab. Organize your local event & join the global action #StopPrawerPlan #AugustRage

Press Statement @PFLP_ps:
Palestinians March Against Negotiations

Israelis and Palestinians open talks

Group: Syria govt detains 2 Palestinian journalists 

Take action! Clergy United Against Bedouin Dispossession

VIDEO | Rabbi Ascherman explains how the Israeli government is considering a plan to seize a score of #Bedouin villages

Live Blog | The Genocide on Palestinian Refugees in Syria

Saudi Arabia ups pressure on Israel

Saudi does not pressure Israel on the since 1967 by ISRAEL OCCUPIED SAUDI ISLANDS #Sanafir & #Tiran!

Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin

Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin


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