Palestine News | July 31, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
July 31,  2015 | 24253 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2241 days
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#GazaUnderAttack | July 25, 2013 | Full List of 209 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations 

DFLP | Save the Hares Boys: 5 #Palestinian children face life imprisonment with no evidence for no documented crime

US is not neutral in Israeli-Palestinian talks: Noam Chomsky

Why the Security Council of the @UN should be dismantled.. – …

Israeli Knesset has just passed an “electoral reform” bill that limits ability of Arab parties to win seats. Zoabi staged a silent protest.

“[The Prawer-Begin plan] must be dropped immediately,” said Philip Luther, Director of
@amnesty ME & NA Programme.

House To Pass New AIPAC Iran Sanctions Bill To Keep War Option Hot

Israel’s New Chief Rabbi, David Lau, Accused Of Racism…

Limited solidarity with Palestine in Schulman’s “Queer International”

WIP: “even though Obama’s a narcissist, he knows that the presidency has been a disaster” ~Norman Finkelstein

Kerry speaks of ‘unshakable bond’ with Israel, praises negotiators

Barghouthi persistent in his hunger strike despite serious health deterioration

Oldest known person in Hebron dies

When racism isn’t a cause for shame ~ by @DavidSheen at @Mondoweiss

Silwan welcomes Abu Rammouz and Al-Rajabi

Al-Sharabati family removes the tin plates from the roof of their house to avoid evacuation

A Jerusalemite pretzel seller is in prison for not having a permit to sell pretzels

The Silence on Gaza – Al-Monitor

Fatah dismisses papers that describe plot against Hamas

Former CIA executive explains zionists bring US into illegal wars and are the cause and source of terrorism:

As major networks refocus on events between Israel and Palestine, will @CNN do a better job than last time?

Tell Israel to stop blocking Gaza Students from West Bank universities.

Army Claims Uncovering A Rifle Near Hebron

When Israel’s Ethnic Cleansing of the Living is Not Enough…

Full text of Prawer-Begin plan for Negev Bedouin 

Sordid history of false western claims about Iranian nukes going all way back to 1984!!

For past 30 yrs, western fearmongers have reported Iranian Bomb is just around the corner.

L’occupation installe des dispositifs de brouillage à Rimon et isole deux captifs

Qassem: l’Autorité qui coordonne avec les Occupants n’est plus confiée à la nation

Smashed windows and arrests: Haredi demand for woman to sit at back of bus gets out of hand | JPost | Israel News …

Check out @AbirKopty’s compilation of local and global actions scheduled for tomorrow:

Israel’s secret police summon Palestinian community leaders who have spoken against efforts to enlist Christian youth

Group of Israeli settlers attack Palestinian workers

IOA extends the detention of 9 captives

From now on EU aid workers to Palestine are ‘just tourists’

Hated in Egypt: How the Palestinian Bogeyman Resurfaced Like Never Before | Palestine Chronicle: …

Israeli Intelligence Assets Aid African Dictators: Africa has for decades been a playground… 

TALKING ABOUT RIFLE-BUTTING Zionist satanic troopers Remember EISNER? Beating up a Danish tourist? …

Beating palestinians is nothing new for zionist troopers
Literally breaking Law & Bones with their own hands

Palestine: Palestinian Authority Police Beat Protesters – Human Rights Watch

Prostituting the law: IDF legal advisor sez 5 yr old Palestinian boy “posed security threat.”

In secret ltrs., U.S. assured Israel there would B no ROR & told Palestinians deal wud not follow 67 borders.

Bennett, ministre israélien “J’ai tué beaucoup d’Arabes, aucun problème avec ça”

Hated in Egypt: How the Palestinian Bogeyman Resurfaced Like Never Before

For who forgot Jennifer Rubin… …

Jennifer Rubin & pro-Israel lobby has new boy-toy: Chris Christie

133 Palestinian NGOs reject PA’s decision to restart talks with Israel

Massive Israel army presence at Za’tara junction- searching every car

PLO rejects peace talks

Islamic Jihad: Arab world on brink of new Sykes-Picot

Behold for a moment:
(1) #Israel’s peace-efforts:
Settling goes on

Behold for a moment:
(2) #Israel’s peace-efforts: Attacks/violations of the Gaza truce go on: 

Behold for a moment:
(3) #Israel’s peace-efforts: Colonial settler terrorism goes on

Behold for a moment:
(4) #Israel’s peace-efforts: Ethnic Cleansing goes on …

Behold for a moment:
(5) #Israel’s peace-efforts: Collective punishment goes on

Behold for a moment:
(6) #Israel’s peace-efforts: Deprivation, the silent tool of ethnic cleansing: GOES ON

Behold for a moment:
(7) #Israel’s peace-efforts: Attacks on press to silence truth GOES ON

Behold for a moment:
(8) #Israel’s peace-efforts: VIOLATIONS TORTURE DETENTION of CHILDREN Goes on

Zionist forces detain five citizens in Al-Khalil

#Israel even plans to kill own soldiers
The Hannibal Policy

Palestinian NGOs reject negotiations with Israeli occupation

#StopPrawerPlan | Human chain against Prawer Plan in Haifa

Hamas lashes out at “futile” negotiations

Hamas: Docs expose Fatah campaign in Egypt

7 Golani Soldiers Walk Out on Gaza-Border Outpost over kitchen duty etc – Only at Arutz Sheva

Israel uses Facebook ‘likes’ to convict Palestinian student

Al-Aqsa Brigades exhibit their strength and reject negotiations

Your ignorance is Israel’s power.

EU’s Ashton: Israeli, Palestinian deal ‘within reach’

Take a few minutes to read some of these moving letters sent to the #Wits11 (charged for protesting against Israel) …

Truth does not bother “Israel”
Buttons Do
To mute
From tweeting until termination

Israel’s Bedouin population faces mass eviction — New Internationalist

Syria: Palestinian Initiative to End Fighting in Yarmouk Camp

Israel: Huge Liability on US FP Balance Sheet – Indyk-AIPAC Secret Theft From US Industry Reaches $100 Billion

Hamas shames Fatah on demonisation of Palestinians in Egypt

Palestine: Dividing Land, Erasing Identity in Qalandiya

WATCH: Play depicting Rachel Corrie causes controversy in Jerusalem

Israeli army recruitment plan aims to incite Christian-Muslim tensions

Netanyahu uses settlement pledge to get coalition support for prisoner release

New efforts to enlist Christians in army part of long-running divide-and-rule strategy towards Palestinians in Israel

Israeli soldier’s savage beating of Palestinian worker was like something from “Clockwork Orange”

Hamas criticises Abbas’ demand for reintroduction of 2005 border agreement

Reviving the Israel-Palestine Negotiations: The Indyk Appointment ~ by Richard Falks (@rfalk13)

Why The Prisoner Release Reinforces The Occupied/Occupier Relationship

Quds Day to be observed in 80 countries, over 770 Iranian cities: Iran official – @PressTV

Awad, 19, wounded by Israeli fire while gathering firewood ~ Report and photos by @Rosa_Schiano

Israeli settlers torch Hebron family’s property for eighth time

State Department official: ‘You are likely to see Israeli settlements continue’ during peace talks

In Egypt, US worried about Zionist lobby

VIDEO | Palestinians feel betrayed as PA dragged into talks with Israel ~ by @PressTV

Awad, 19, wounded by Israeli fire while gathering firewood ~ Report and photos by @Rosa_Schiano

Israel’s Peres says ‘no alternative to peace’

VIDEO | Imposing sanctions on Israel sole way to achieve peace: Analyst

Israeli plan to build new Jewish neighborhood near Aqsa Mosque

Ending the division more important than resumption of talks, says MP Abu Baker

Learn what one Palestinian man did to a soldier at a checkpoint …

Israeli occupation refuses to release sick administrative detainee | @PHR_IL @Amnesty @ICRC @MSF_USA

Popular and factional rejection of resumption of talks

Israeli soldier gets token punishment for merciless beating of Palestinian workers caught on video

IMAGE: “We hate the niggers” (Hebrew) – photograph I took just now, less than 5 minutes walk from my home

ACT Alliance Appeal: Continuous support for Gaza and West Bank, oPt – Reuters AlertNet

What went wrong? The mistakes of Oslo

Livni, Erakat, Kerry “Share” Iftar Meal, Hold “Productive” Talks

Source: The arrest of intelligence officer in Gaza led to Fatah-PA documents

PA security arrests, summonses Hamas supporters

Gazan in Israeli custody was abducted in Egypt, Palestinians say

You know the prisoners #Israel agreed to release this week? Yeah, they agreed to release the same prisoners in 1999

US/Israel made PA enter “negotiations” 2 prevent Palestinians from taking legitimate claims to UN. Some deal!

Proposing #Israel would ERASE the whole holocaust would  erase it’s very ‘grounds’ it used to ethnic cleanse itself

Warcriminal Livni Suggests Erasure of Palestinian History is a Necessary Price for Freedom

Prisoner has son in second sperm smuggling birth

Arab Idol star to perform in Bethlehem

HRW: PA must investigate police brutality (Ma’an News Agency)

HORRIFIC VIDEO! | Israeli soldiers attack Palestinian workers

New on +972: Report: Netanyahu promises thousands of new housing units in West Bank, East Jerusalem

Netanyahu on ‘Final Resolution’: Not ‘A Single Arab On Our Lands’

210 Israeli ceasefire violations

Hated in Egypt ~ by Ramzy Baroud

Barhoum denounces Abbas over call for destruction of Gaza tunnels

Hasbarists say “kushi” doesn’t have the painful history of “nigger”. Maybe, but it certainly has its painful present: …

5,100 prisoners behind Israeli bars. ( 0 Israeli behind Palestinian bars. )

Enticing brochures targeting veteran prisoners

Abbas: Negotiations with Israel Will Mainly Focus on Security and Borders

How #US secures another 9 MONTHS for #Israel’s ethnic cleansing:TALKS

Zionist rabbi tackles “For God’s Sake” (and gets confused): My recent release For God’s Sake is re…

VIDEO | Flawed Zionist Justifications Revealed ~ by @Moe_Diab

VIDEO |  Palestinians leery of Israeli prisoner release plan ~ by @PressTV

VIDEO | Italians to hold pro-Palestine rallies on Intl. Quds Day ~ by @PressTV

VIDEO | 11 years on from Nativity Church siege, deportees say they have been forgotten – by @PressTV

VIDEO | US-brokered Palestinian-Israeli talks begin under cloud of skepticism – by @PressTV

VIDEO |  Less than a week away from International Quds Day ~ by @PressTV

Man searched at checkpoint in #Hebron, told by soldiers “We’ll search you every day. One day we’ll put a knife in your hand and arrest you”

Daily Reality in Palestine
Witness the horror yourselves

The Illusion of Israeli-Palestinian Peace for Our Time ~ by @StephenLendman

Help us lift the siege for @RanaGaza’s education …

L’AFPS invitée à s’exprimer sur la reprise des négociations …

تفاصيل المواصلات في النقب للمظاهرة المركزية غدا ٤ م في مفرق راهط الجنوبي. ‏
#انزل‏ ‏#برافر_لن_يمر

Why water should be on the table

Popular Front demands PA reveal hidden facts about resumption of negotiations

Live Blog | The Genocide on Palestinian Refugees in Syria

Saudi Arabia ups pressure on Israel

Saudi does not pressure Israel on the since 1967 by ISRAEL OCCUPIED SAUDI ISLANDS #Sanafir & #Tiran!

Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin

Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin


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