Popular and factional rejection of resumption of talks

[ PIC 31/07/2013 – 04:38 PM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) has declared its total rejection of the PA decision to resume negotiations saying that its decision does not represent the will of the Palestinian people.

Member of the PFLP political bureau, Abu Ahmed Fouad, said in a press statement Tuesday that “no one has the right to impose his own decisions on the state institutions which represent the Palestinian people.

He called on the PA to draw lessons from its previous failed experiences of peace talks and to form a new national strategy different from Oslo accords.

He condemned the PA forces’ attack on Sunday protest, stressing on the Palestinian factions’ right to organize popular activities to prevent the PA’s unilateral decision to offer serious concessions to the Israelis.

Meanwhile, a leader in Jihad movement, Haj Abu Samer Mosa renewed his movement rejection of the resumption of talks , saying that this step contradicts the national consensus.

The PA will achieve nothing from resuming talks, but will only deepen the national division, he said, stressing that it was better for the PA to achieve the reconciliation agreement instead of running behind the Israeli and American illusion.

He pointed out that the PA step to resume negotiation came amid Israeli decision to implement the Prawer plan that constitutes a new Palestinian catastrophe.

Meanwhile, dozens have participated Tuesday in a protest against peace negotiations in Nablus, where they chanted slogans against the “absurd negotiations” that do not meet with the PLO preconditions for the resumption of talks.

A leader in PFLP said that talks resumption came in light the American pressures on the Palestinian people, stressing that Abbas took a unilateral decision despite the Palestinian factional rejection.

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