Source: The arrest of intelligence officer in Gaza led to Fatah-PA documents

[ PIC 31/07/2013 – 10:03 AM ]

One of many documents exposing a PA-led conspiracy against Gaza and Hamas

GAZA, (PIC)– The released documents which revealed the engagement of a Fatah-affiliated security cell in the incitement campaign in Egypt against Hamas and Gaza were extracted from a notebook computer owned by a Palestinian authority intelligence officer who were arrested lately, according to a senior security source in Gaza.

The security source told the Palestinian information center (PIC) that the Palestinian security forces in Gaza detained a few days ago a PA intelligence officer named Mohamed Abu Diya after his return to Gaza through the Rafah border crossing and confiscated his laptop.

He affirmed that the technical unit of the interior ministry was able to retrieve the documents from the laptop, adding that the documents consist of a large number of correspondence letters exposing the role of the cell that kept inciting against Hamas and Gaza during the last period.

He also asserted that Abu Diya had been in Dubai and met with Fatah-affiliated fugitives living there before he traveled back to Gaza in order to receive large financial transfers and then use them to destabilize the situation in Gaza.

He noted that this PA officer is now being held in jail and a legal action will be taken against him soon.

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