Palestinian government in Gaza criticises Al-Arabia TV for defamation campaign

Al Ray Agencies – Aug 4, 2013

Gaza, Alray – The Palestinian government in Gaza has denounced a defamation campaign waged by Al-Arabia satellite TV against the Palestinians and their resistance.

Top Palestinian official criticized the “suspicious role that Al-Arabia plays as it broadcasts fabricated reports blaming Palestinians for the current unrest in Egypt.”

He went on to say that “all the fabricated reports broadcast by Al-Arabia are based on completely false information.” He noted that the aim of such reports was to imply that the Palestinian resistance and Hamas are involved in the on-going turmoil in Egypt.

The official called for all Arab intellectuals to “expose the suspicious role that this TV (network) plays.”

Certain Egyptian and Arabic TV channels have begun a defamation campaign against Palestinians and Syrians. A number of Egyptian TV presenters have called, explicitly, for humiliating and killing them, or expelling them from Egypt.

These TV networks accuse Syrians in Egypt and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip of interfering in the Egyptian issue.


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