Israeli occupation forces soldiers arrest liberated prisoner Yusri Joulani

Note from occpal: Previously by Israel released prisoners received a Presidential Pardon of Peres. Also called Amnesty or Clemency by law to restore ones civil rights and being totally pardoned for the (alleged) crimes if even in the case of Palestinians’ ever charged before at all. Re-arresting pardoned prisoners (also from the Wafa al Ahrar deal) without any charge is a severe violation of human rights.

[ PIC 05/08/2013 – 11:37 AM ]


AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested Yusri Joulani after breaking into his home in Al-Khalil city on Sunday, the Palestinian prisoner’s society said.

It added that the soldiers also arrested his brother Anas, adding that Yusri was released in the Wafa Al-Ahrar prisoners’ exchange deal.

The society pointed out that the soldiers savagely stormed the home of Joulani and confiscated his family’s car and the computers and cellphones of its members.

Yusri Joulani previously served ten years in Israeli occupation jails, the society underlined.

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