FC Barcelona team visits Buraq Wall in Occupied (!) Jerusalem

[ PIC 05/08/2013 – 08:54 PM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM,(PIC)– Barcelona team delegation has visited Sunday morning the Buraq Wall (Western Wall of Al-Aqsa Mosque) in occupied Jerusalem under tight Israeli security protection

The delegation wore the Catalan team uniforms and put white hats on their heads (Kibah) used by Jews for prayer upon entering the Buraq Wall.

The team members stood along the Buraq Wall where they left written prayers and wishes on pieces of papers wedged into the cracks of the ancient stones according to the Jewish norms.

After leaving the Buraq Wall, Barcelona delegation has headed to visit the Israeli president Shimon Peres at his residence in occupied Jerusalem.

Barcelona’s visit to the region came in light of the “Peace Tour” to the middle east that includes a meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

PHOTO | FC Barcelona hands out UNICEF “PEACE TOUR” shirts to war criminals Netanyahu and Peres


Aug 5, 2013 | by occpal

This photo above is the most revolting show off of propaganda and normalization ever seen during the FC Barcelona visit to Palestine and what is called Israel.

Warcriminals Netanyahu and Peres holding shirts stating “PEACE TOUR” and “UNICEF”

For your information, of all who are not witnessing Israel’s achievements (nor in your media) because it is manipulated, silenced or altered:

  • Israel killed 1519 children since the year 2000, this means: one child, every 3 days, for over the past 13 years. (Source)
  • One of these children was the 13 year old Hamid, assassinated by Israel while playing football (Source)
  • Israel kidnaps, detains, abuses and even tortures children (Source)
  • The youngest child arrested by Israel was only 5 years old (Source and Video of arrest)
  • Torture of Palestinian children is institutionalized and common practice for Israel (Source) 87% – Children subjected to some form of physical violence while in custody. (Source)
  • Even the UN accused Israel of torturing children (Source)
  • And the Israeli Defense Forces beat and kick children aged from 4 til 16 (Source)
  • The Israeli Defense Forces attack schoolchildren. Structurally. Their response? ” We Don’t Care” (Source)
  • At the very moment FC Barcelona is kicking balls WITH kids, an Israeli soldier is KICKING KIDS (Video)
  • This army, which is even literally boasting about killing Palestinian Children (Source | Warning:  only click if you can handle graphic content)
  • Blog linked to Israeli army calls for murder of Palestinian children (Electronic Intifada)
  • Settlers in the west bank use cars as weapons, for hit and run attacks until DEATH. The picture of one attack even received an award in Israeli media (Source)
  • Watch this video to see the psychological damage done by Israel to children (Source)
  • Israel deprives people, including children of medical care. Even until they die (Source/Video) Like over 173 other children (Source)
  • Not only bullets and bombs kill Palestinian Children. In the over 40 year occupation and mass imprisonment of the Occupied Palestinian Territory (current population about 4 million), post-1967 excess deaths total 0.3 million and post-invasion under-5 infant deaths total 0.2 million. (Research by Dr. Gideon Polya)
  • Israel denies permits to children in need of treatment, in violation with Art 55 and 56 of the Fourth Geneva Convention (Source)
  • Israel indoctrinates it’s own children, until a level which can easily be called child-abuse. Witness it yourself in this video and resources
  • Attacks on children by Israel are unprecedented (Source)
  • Children, working as gravel collectors to support their families in Gaza are being shot by snipers (Report by DCI Palestine)
  • Solely last month July, Israel has detained 35 minors (Source)
  • Israel imprisoned and prosecuted 193 children in June (Source)
  • 5 Palestinian children are facing life sentence in jail, without any evidence nor documentation of any crimes, the Hares Children (Source)
  • Israel collectively punishes children of Gaza (Video)
  • Israel assassinated 352 children in the 22 day Cast lead was in Gaza (Source)
  • Watch the video: Stolen Lives (Source)
  • All posts on this blog concerning Children (Link)
  • European leaders have spoken out about the Israeli treatment of children (Source)
  • 36 babies have not even been born due to deliberate obstruction of medical aid to their pregnant mothers at Israeli checkpoints. (Source)

The same Peres holding the FC Barcelone T-Shirt above, wrote:

“No crime is more heinous than the killing of a child” – Shimon Peres – Dec 15, 2012

Click to enlarge the letter

A-OokCDCIAE3dO8.jpg large

Watch the children of the genocide on Palestine

  • Children – During Cast Lead – In Photos
  • Children – During ongoing attacks of the last 2 years – In Photos

Shame on you FC Barcelona and UNICEF for exploiting the Palestinian cause for your own PR!

This is no peace tour. The ‘campaign shirt’ would be living up to reality of Israeli Apartheid if it stated “Normalization Tour”

So to all bigoted journalists and press, sustaining the myths and lies, and likely disseminating the PEACE TOUR T-Shirt all around, I have a message for you:

BNM2O1JCIAAUZxl.jpg large


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