Palestine News | Aug 6, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
Aug 6,  2013 | 24259 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2247 days
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PHOTOS | لیلة القدر | In search for Laylat ul-Qadr in Palestine – Aug 5, 2013


VIDEO | @FCBarcelona Cancel Match in Tel Aviv after Palestinian Protest, 5-8-2013 (updated)

IOA sentences Hamas leader to 14 months imprisonment

Silent Genocide: Lives of 32 premature babies are in danger

URGENT ▶ Silent Genocide:  Lives of 360 Gaza patients in danger

Dr. Ashrawi: “There Will Never Be a Contiguous Palestinian State As Long As Settlements Remain intact”

Deaths possible amid hunger strike

Twelve Palestinians Kidnapped In West Bank

West Bank settlements rapidly expanding: report

IOF stages wide arrest campaign in WB

Palestinians hold demo in West Bank to demand release of prisoners

Not only is Israeli ethnically cleansing Negev Bedouins, it’s refusing them basic health care including polio shots

Poll: Most Israelis shun deal on 1967 borders

Population explosion: Israel settlement threat swells on and on

#PalHunger | 12 hunger strikers risk death in Israeli jails

Hamas presents docs ‘revealing Fatah incitement’

Appeal to jazz musicians not to play at Red Sea festival- Jews for Justice for Palestinians

Hamas: Gaza blockade heralds grave humanitarian disaster

Gaza residents rush to shop before Eid festivities – Exclusive photos by @MiddleEastMnt …

‘The occupation has no future’ …

Israel’s reputation for innovation at stake in EU’s Horizon 2020 

#PalHunger | Captive Rimawi continues his hunger strike for the 97th day

The Problem with the Peace Process: …

Stop the obsession with what Palestinian women activists are wearing

Hasbaaretz not getting over the Irish embassy X-mas-story:

UN warns about Syrian refugees plight

Must see Video – Amena Abed AlFatah Abed Rabo: A life under occupation ~ by @IsmPalestine

Settling is still a warcime by law but Israel is to build more settlement units in eastern Jerusalem

PA cabinet condemns Israeli minister’s remarks on killing Arabs

Settlers’ number increases in WB within 6 months

Palestinian children have been arrested for dancing Dabke by the Israeli occupation forces. Their right to freedom.

دعوة لتظاهرات ومسيرات يهودية يوم غد للمطالبة باقتحام الأقصى

The evidence that Bradley Manning helped start the Arab Spring

#PalHunger striker Barghouthi in very serious health condition

Salif Keita Will Not Play Apartheid Israel 

PA forces re-arrest two political detainees few moments after their release

Poll: Most Israelis reject 1967 borders, right of return

Living up to zionist shahawaat!
Turkish newspaper: Erdogan’s visit to Gaza through Egypt cancelled

Israeli occupation forces erect military checkpoint near Yatta

West Bank settlement population growing rapidly

Extremists rabbis, Knesset member Feigling & Likud cohorts call to storm al-Aqsa mosque tomorrow

While taxes from Harlem fund Israel its citizens berate African refugees: “They turned our neighborhood into Harlem!”,7340,L-4412466,00.html

We have brought ruin upon you: On planning injustice in Haris ~ by Rabbis for Human Rights

West Bank settlements rapidly expanding: report

If Americans Knew – what every American needs to know about Israel/Palestine

AIPAC 101 – The Video every American should watch – Video 1
فيديو وثائقي أيباك اللوبي اليهودي في امريكا

AIPAC – The Voice of America –  The Orange and the Pea – Video 2

AIPAC – The Voice of America – The Treasonous Dollar Drain – Video 3

AIPAC – Treason by Members of the United States Congress – Video 4

#OWS #Occupy #US #palestine
Dear MSM: Ignorance is no excuse anymore
Only a bigoted choice
& a sign of BAD journalism!
Follow @MJayRosenberg
About #AIPAC!

Barca Concluded in a Packed Stadium in Tel Aviv in it’s Tour of Peace

Six reasons #AIPAC controlled “congressional travel agency to Israel” AIEF meets IRS definition of a “sham”

PA Holds Meeting to Assess Outcome of the First Session of Peace Talks

Israel as a public embarrassment

212 Violation of cease fire by #Israel
So far intentions 4 ‘peace talks’
Israeli Military Infiltrates Gaza Borders

PHOTOS | Palestine preparing for Eid ul-Fitr

Settlement population increases to 2.12% in six months

Israel plans to Judaize al-Quds’

2 sick prisoners in Israeli jails attempt

Police: The Israeli intelligence is implicated in an ugly murder in Salfit

El-Aqsa: L’Équipe de Barcelone en visite judaïque au Mur d’el-Bouraq

Illegal Israeli settlements expanding rapidly
( Settling= Still a warcime by law: )

Massive rally in support of Haneyya, Morsi and Erdogan at Aqsa Mosque

UN’s Middle East envoy: 80% of Gaza tunnels have been destroyed

The Egypt “government” is infected by mad Israeli wall disease (PDF REPORT)

MOT: 70.000 cars affected in fuel crisis in Gaza

Custodian of Absentee Property refuses to freeze the evacuation of Siam’s family house in Sheikh Jarrah

West Bank settlement population growing rapidly | @AFP

Abdullah Al-Barghouthi risks death on his 96th day of hunger strike with nobody cares. and his possible sudden…

Librarians group calls for boycott to stop ‘erasure of Palestinian culture and history’ ~ @Mondoweiss

IOF Violence at Peaceful Prawer Protest in Jerusalem

Two Lebanese nationals: Mossad agents tortured us

Full List of 212 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations
– Updated Aug 6, 2013

Gaza Construction Halts As Siege Tightens

212th Israeli cease fire violation during ‘alleged’ peace talks: Army Invades Central Gaza

Mayors warn of threats of closing Al-Bireh’s central landfill 

Limited incursion east Al-Bureij 

National Colonist Sport – Attacking funerals:
Zionists attack Palestinians at funeral near Hebron

Anti-European feeling in the Netherlands is rooted in the deteriorating economy 

Video Features a Clash Between Palestinians and Settlers …

Radwan: stranded piligrims to return home

MAPIM urges international agencies to pressure Egypt to open Rafah crossing

Gazans ‘held hostage’ by Egyptian politics

Palestinians in Gaza appeal to Egypt military over tunnels

Docs Demonstrating Fatah-run Campaign to Demonize Hamas in Egyptian Media

“Palestine’s Capital: The 1967 Border in Jerusalem and Israel’s Illegal  – @pnnenglish

Israelis to turn historic mosque into a synagogue

Palestinian PM calls Egypt to offer alternatives

MOH: The closure of the Rafah crossing cripple ministry services

Israelis near Egypt advised to stay indoors

Abu Sabha: Rafah crossing still closed to pilgrims

MARA: Some 590 pilgrims to arrive Gaza on Tuesday

Gaza prices peak following tunnel closures

Palestinian gov. to sue smear campaigners against Gaza

Is Egypt Media Inciting Hatred Against Palestinians?

Egyptian ambassador: No change in procedure to travel to Egypt

Israel to construct sea barrier at Sinai border with Egypt

Rafah crossing closed for fourth day

Egyptian army intensify destroying Gaza tunnels

Rafah border crossing closed until further notice

Al-Ghusain calls for re-opening Rafah crossing

Gaza Passengers strand  in Cairo, Rafah and Saudi Arabia

Egypt sends army reinforcements to Gaza border

MOE: Construction of 39 schools suspended due to closures

Fuel Crisis Threatens Gaza  After Egypt Border Closure

Rafah crossing closed for  third day

Egyptian army demands closure of Rafah Crossing

Islamic movement in 1948 lands holds Pro-Mosri march

Death of stranded piligrim, the situation worsens

Palestinians stuck at Cairo Airport want end to their plight

Gaza Municipalities warn of humanitarian crisis

Ministry of Health warns of fuel shortage

Israeli media call for reproducing Egypt’s events in Gaza

‘Israel plans to Judaize al-Quds’

Israel arrests 12 Palestinians including a police officer on duty

How “free” are pro-Israel funded all-expenses paid academic study tours to Israel?

Dr. Ashrawi: “There Will Never Be a Contiguous Palestinian State As Long As Settlements Remain intact”: PNN PL…

Israeli embassy circulates speech by refugee Simon Deng bashing UN criticism. My takedown of his hasbara, from March:

Israel’s ‘Peace’-Intentions: to build 60 settlement units in Al-Khalil (Settling: Still a warcrime by Law)

Lieberman: There could be no political settlement with the Palestinians

“The Government of Israel flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan river”

“The Jordan river will be the permanent eastern border of the State of Israel.” & more:

Likud Program: Excerpts from the “Peace and Security” Chapter (Vanished from Knesset Website)

Israeli occupation forces soldiers arrest liberated prisoner Yusri Joulani

PHOTO: Israeli police in Beer Sheva arrest a protester during day of protests against Prawer Plan 

Olive Harvest is Coming: Summation of summer activities of the Rights in Occupied Territories Department ~ @rhreng

You can’t live in firing zone ~ by Rabbis for Human Rights (@rhreng)

Israel EXECUTED 825 people  in 5 YEARS
Without prior charge/trial

Blog linked to Israeli army calls for murder of Palestinian children | @AliAbunimah

STILL BELIEVER OF PEACETALKS? WATCH… “I picture a dead Arab & that makes me happy” ~ Israeli boy

King of Morocco gives award to Malcolm Hoenlein, key pro-Israel lobby leader in the USA …

US shut embassies to intimidate citizens

Joint Chiefs Chair Dempsey, to Visit Israel to Calm Waters

‘Netanyahu wants no-state solution for Palestine’ – Tehran Times

Iran’s outgoing President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned arch-foe Israel in one of his last public speeches that a…

Forget al details…!
| Not looking for Peace
| Nor Talks
| But This:
| The NO-STATE-SOLUTION for #Palestine

France Denounces Israeli Decision To Add 20 Settlements To “Priority Aid”

Israel must end siege of Gaza ~ #Belfast Telegraph

Disguisting: Friendship fotilla for Israel

While those on a flotilla loving Gaza get KILLED

IOA extends the arrest of 11 prisoners, pending the ‘usual investigations’ releases university lecturer

FC Barcelona team visits Buraq Wall in occupied Jerusalem

They didn’t give @FCBarcelona the missing part of
What really goes on in J’lem!

Netanyahu Forms Committee To Enlist Christians In the Army

PM publicly supports priest hounded for calling on Christians to join IDF

VIDEO | Who is the Real Threat?

Israel formulating response to EU settlement guidelines before start of Horizon 2020

Bennett: Israel will renew construction in [Occupied East] Jerusalem in coming days

PA leaders to discuss second round of peace talks set for August 14

Bennett urges Israeli government to cut ties with EU over settlement guidelines

Videos – Taraweeh Prayers Makkah and Medina – Ramadan 1434 | 2013

Longest mural in Palestine unveiled in Gaza

Israel lobs spoiler into peace talks with funds for new settlements

SIGN & SHARE: Freedom of movement for Palestinian journalists now! …

2 Israeli ministers call for severing cooperation with EU in response to EU saying ties must respect for Int’l Law

Israel’s Peace Intentions:  Build 230 Units In An Illegal Settlement

Soldier Filmed Kicking Boy In Hebron

I Am Invisible – Because You Refuse to See Me

Jonathan Cook: Israel – Palestine: Once more into the peace process dead end

LIVE BLOG | Protests to #StopPrawerPlan Aug 1, 2013 – In Photos
Silenced by MSM
Even if 10.000’s to be ethnic cleansed


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