Police: The Israeli intelligence is implicated in an ugly murder in Salfit

[ PIC 06/08/2013 – 12:10 PM ]

A picture of the killer

SALFIT, (PIC)– Palestinian police investigations revealed that the killer of his brother’s family, who is known locally as Salfit butcher, was working as a spy for the Israeli intelligence.

Last month, a brutal murder of a young pregnant housewife named Lina Fattouni and her kids Majd and Jana rocked Salfit city.

The police investigations found out that the killer, Abdul-Muneim Fattouni, murdered his sister-in-law (Lina) and her kids by direct strangulation and used the gas cylinder in the house to cover his crime and make others believe that the victims died of gas suffocation.

The police affirmed that the real reason for the murder was that his sister-in-law had discovered that he was working for the Israeli intelligence, so he hastened to get rid of her at the instigation of his Israeli employer.

The killer noted in his confession that his Israeli intelligence employer had advised him how to cover his tracks after committing his crime by making up a gas leak in the house, carrying the body of the little girl and using her hand to wipe out any of his fingerprints to be found on the doors and the gas cylinder.

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