Barhoum: Israel, PA work jointly to liquidate resistance in WB

[ PIC 07/08/2013 – 03:51 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Fawzi Barhoum, a Hamas spokesman, has accused the Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) and the Palestinian Authority (PA) of working together to liquidate resistance in the West Bank.

Barhoum said in a statement on his Facebook page on Wednesday that the recent escalation in arrest campaigns by both the IOA and the PA was meant to distract the attention away from the resumption of negotiations between both.

He urged all parties to expose those involved in the talks, which would ultimately lead to liquidating the Palestine question.

The spokesman urged the people in the West Bank to refuse those arrests by either the IOA or the PA and to protect the liberated prisoners and resistance leaders.

Still living in fairy-tale-land about Israel?

Time to wake up: The Map of the “Greater Israel” even is hammered on the currency:

All facts at Storify continuously updated. Read what Israeli ‘leaders’ have said and done even before (peace) talks and how their actions contradict the reality and ugly facts which they try to hide from you:

You can forget all details.
Save yourself time.
It is only about Ethnic Cleansing
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The facts. Mainly Israeli sources. Continuously updated

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