Palestine News | Aug 8, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
Aug 8,  2013 | 24261 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2249 days
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Today’s News

Israelis outraged that Palestinians who killed get released. But most Israelis who kill Palestinians *kids* never spend a day in prison

46,000 people are learning about Israeli blood diamonds at JF Diamonds

‘Israeli rabbi guilty of child abuse’

Tel Aviv Sets Timeframe For Releasing 104 Detainees

Rabbi Elon’s conviction reflects Israel's splintered religious Zionist community

“The old will die and the young will forget” – Did Ben-Gurion say it? ّ  ~ by @AsaWinstanley

It’s Not Unusual to Boycott Apartheid – ask Tom Jones to respect Palestinian call not to play for apartheid …

Clashes in Jenin as Israeli forces detain Jihad leader

Abbas: “Peace Talks To Start Soon, Jerusalem Is The capital Of Palestine”

Mystery and Reality Overlap in Gaza-Inspired Novel – Palestine News Network

Kairos Palestine Denounces Attempts To Recruit Christians
Michael Oren justifies institutionalized racism on CNN ~ by Ben White (@benabyad )

Soldiers Kidnap Palestinian Journalist in Nablus

Israel to build more settlement units

Walk Away, Palestinians!

Israeli media speculates on ties between Iran attack, peace process

The return to negotiations fractures Palestine even further

Jordanian hunger striking prisoners in Israeli jails stop drinking water

Lawyer: Israeli soldiers “savagely beat” hunger striking Jordanian prisoner (Maureen Clare Murphy, The Electronic Intifada)

Rawabi rises: new West Bank city symbolises Palestine’s economic potential

Israel plans more West Bank settlement homes

Israeli occupation rounded up 100 Palestinians in Al-Khalil during Ramadan

Hamas calls for prosecuting Qawasmi’s killers

Hamas: Talks resumption harms national consensus

Haneyya welcomes release of prisoners without concessions

Governance bill can’t fix system as it ignores democratic values

Abu Marzouk: Reconciliation not for only one party to accomplish

Amnesty International, War Propaganda, and Human Rights Terrorism

Israel gives approval for 800 new settlement homes

Israeli Mayor: If I’m Racist, So Is Israel

Iran aid distributed among Gaza families

2 shot, injured in Tayibe

Young man dies in Jericho road accident

Amnesty to Hamas: Halt planned Gaza executions

Israelis push settlement plans despite peace talks

Abbas: Negotiations will begin soon

Amnesty to Hamas: halt planned Gaza executions – FRANCE 24

Hamas congratulates Palestinian people, Islamic Nation on Eid

Mideast talks to resume August 14: US

Wet dreams at Saudi Gazette: Next Eid under an independent Palestine state: if abu mazen goes on next eid no state!

U.S: “Next Round Of Talks August 14”

I Am Invisible – Because You Refuse to See Me

Jonathan Cook: Israel – Palestine: Once more into the peace process dead end

LIVE BLOG | Protests to #StopPrawerPlan Aug 1, 2013 – In Photos
Silenced by MSM
Even if 10.000’s to be ethnic cleansed


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