Palestine News | Aug 11, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
Aug 11,  2013 | 24264 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2252 days
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I Am Invisible – Because You Refuse to See Me

After Israel assassinated 9 people on the #Flotilla #MaviMarmara it has the courage to publish this in JP:

For who forgot…
The Mavi Marmara Massacre
In Photos

PA summons 6 Hamas affiliates. Eid Mubarak?

Israel to construct nearly 1,200 new illegal settler units

Would Israel’s refugee policies stand up in… Nairobi?

World Media buzz what Palestine says 45 YEARS
New Israeli settlements undermine talks : Palestine – Bangladesh News

1472 Palestinians were killed since the outbreak of the conflict in Syria

Live Blog | The Genocide on Palestinian Refugees in Syria

Gaza mark bitter-sweet Eid al-Fitr Holiday

Rafah crossing to reopen partly on Monday

214th violation of truce: Israeli troops shoot Gaza farmer

#GazaUnderAttack | Aug 11, 2013 | Full List of 214 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations

Jordanian prisoners suspend hunger strike following agreement on family visits

‘Judaizing’ the land has been government policy from the start, Israeli newspaper explains

NY Times definition of “occupation”: “div of West Bank in2 diff areas of auth under overall rule of Israeli military” …

The Amal Project scholarship for Palestinians just announced

Tandem news headlines of “peace talks to resume” & “new Israeli settlements announced” are ridiculously insulting …

Old yet a timeless piece by Joseph Massad: “Sartre, European intellectuals and Zionism”. …

Israeli Democracy: A Convenient Illusion

Help make it happen for Refutrees: Sustainable Development, One Small Enterprise At A Time on


IOF storms a Church in al-Khalil

More Zionist crimes against Christianity:

45 Jews storm Al-Aqsa courtyards

Israeli soldiers deny medical help to boy bitten by snake

Aug 30, 2010, BEFORE peacetalks, Netanyahu vowed to make NO CONCESSIONS AT ALL:

Aug 30, 2010:  And said before going into “peacetalks”: The “Eretz Israel” stretches from the Mediterranian Sea to the River Jordan.

May 18, 2011: Danny Danon : “Making the Land of Israel Whole”

“In the Africans’ living quarters you’ll find filth” – Which group of Africans in Israel does this quote refer to? …

Israeli forces storm Russian Orthodox Church in Hebron, arrest citizen from Yatta

Peace talks: The perfect alibi for settlement expansion

VIDEO | ‘Israel not serious about peace talks’

Israel pushes ahead on settlement plan

Israel gambles on right-wing support outweighing anger at new settlement building

Israel markets settler homes before Palestinian prisoner release

Palestinian girl from Gaza signs up for one-way trip to Mars

Israel kidnaps young ex-detainee near Al-Khalil

Dr Mehmet Oz dances with notoriously violent Hebron settlers: …

Cory Booker’s rabbi arranged it: …

Israel shoots dead Palestinian in Gaza

Rafah crossing to reopen partly on Monday

Egypt: 5 killed in Sinai shelling

Knesset to discuss possibility of opening Aqsa Mosque permanently for Jews

VIDEO | Settling is still a warcrime by Law (!) but Israel to construct nearly 1,200 new illegal settler units

Why the EU shouldn’t amend its new settlement guidelines

EU blacklists Hezbollah while Israel violates Lebanese sovereignty (From 2006-2012: 20,865 times)

‘Hezbollah ready to counter Israel’

‘Hezbollah safeguards Mideast stability’

IOF kills Palestinian young man east of Bureij refugee camp in Gaza

Israeli military kills Palestinian in the central Gaza Strip

Army: Palestinian killed on Gaza border

Israel to take polio vaccination campaign nationwide

Settlers seize Palestinian lands in Bethlehem

Hamas appeals to Lebanese authorities to deal humanly with Palestinian refugees

Knesset to discuss opening Aqsa Mosque before Jews

Israel invites bids to build 1,000 settler homes 

2 Palestinian women prisoners held by Israel

Report: New settlement construction coordinated with U.S. administration

3 days before resumptions of negotiations, Israel opens tender for construction of 1200 settlement units in WB en O J’lem

PHOTO: destruction in Yarmouk refugee camp; 28 Palestinian refugees were killed in Syria in July 

Israel’s new plan of ethnic cleansing in the desert ~ by @AsaWinstanley

Palestinian Authority faux city of Rawabi provided $100 million windfall to Israeli companies:

Israel will not sign EU deal under new terms

Injuries Reported As Army Invades Village Near Jenin

International Conference on Oslo Accord: Impact and Future ~ by @KawtherSalam

Apartheid Train: Israel‘s multi-billion dollar railroad plan in the West Bank

Still believe in fake peacetalks? Israel calculates revenue for 2035(!) of it’s annexation railroad-web in WB …

شهيد برصاص الاحتلال وسط قطاع غزة

When “Jewish” power became right-wing power ~ by Jews for Justice for Palestinians

Dear MSM: Ignorance is NO excuse anymore!
Only a bigoted choice
& sign of BAD journalism!
Follow @MJayRosenberg

BREAKING: A photo of the unidentified Palestinian martyr, who was kidnapped and killed with gunshots in the head by the Israeli occupation forces in eastern Gaza city this morning, the Palestinian medical service received his body an hour ago.
Photo by: Mohmmed AwadUpdate From Gaza ( Noor Harazeen )

Hello @Amnesty where are your priorities?
#Israel EXECUTED 825 people
WITHOUT prior charge nor trial!

Special Topic
▶ Israel’s Weapons: A Crime on Humanity

Lebanese shepherd killed by cluster bomb left over by Israel | The Ugly Truth

Israel Kills 5 People In Egypt | The Ugly Truth

‘State-propaganda’: Maria Amman, Paralyzed Palestinian Girl in Israel, Receives ‘Miracle Surgery they want u2 forget:

Israel KILLS by deprivation of Healthcare

Israel KILLS by depriving Dialysis in Gaza – almost 500 Patients Lives Are continuously in Danger

Deliberate death by deprivation:
The Slow Death of 7 month old baby Adham:
(written by an #US veteran)

If you have no idea HOW #israel KILLS by Israel’s deliberate policies of medical deprivation Meet Baby Firas – video

The world would TREMBLE on it’s foundations if @UNOCHA start honest reports INCL EXCESS DEATH due 2 #Israel policies

One upon a time… #Israel’s immoral army also made a video about saving babies lives by aiding at birth… REALITY:

In such hasbara attempts, #israel recommends itself for “saving lives” of BABIES
The facts by @SMPalestine


In the meanwhile:

(Due to collaboration-elements of the PA) Mizher: Palestinian leadership marching towards “Oslo 2″

Demand release of hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners

#GazaUnderAttack | Aug 10, 2013 | Full List of 213 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations

213th Israeli “cease-fire” violation & 6th death: Palestinian Killed By Army Fire In Gaza

Israeli army kills Palestinian on Gaza border

Empty words of colonial pricks who caused the darned problem in 1st place:
UK Denounces New Israeli Settlement Plan

JPost: Netanyahu to Kerry: Palestinian incitement undermines peace Israels ACTIONS even RAPE their PEACE-PROPAGANDA

Netanyahu Claims P.A. Is Inciting Against Tel Aviv

Injuries Reported As Army Invades Village Near Jenin

The Amal Project scholarship for Palestinians just announced

Jonathan Cook: Israel – Palestine: Once more into the peace process dead end

Jonathan Cook: Israel – Palestine: Once more into the peace process dead end

LIVE BLOG | Protests to #StopPrawerPlan Aug 1, 2013 – In Photos
Silenced by MSM
Even if 10.000’s to be ethnic cleansed


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